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If you’re unhappy with your skin due to acne or aging, or if you just want to make your skin radiate with health, Nu You Skin Care, and the help of a certified esthetician may be what you have been missing.

nu-you-skincare-ambler-0084“We don’t treat the symptoms, we treat the problem,” says Gerry Christopher, owner and founder of Nu You Skin Care, in Ambler, PA. “We look at the skin and find out: why are you having acne? Or why is your skin aging? And then we go from there. We help the client to fix the original problem and then the symptoms will disappear. I’m really huge on educating. If the client is educated about why these skin issues are happening to them, then they can make a good decision.”

At Nu You, all the skin care treatments are catered specifically to the client, and the products used are all natural and organic. Unlike traditional salons and even medical spas, Nu You Skin Care uses a holistic and chemical free approach that shows tried and true, significant results. The professional estheticians at Nu You consider their practice a unique balance between science and nature.

Many clients of Gerry’s have described their experience as spiritual and relaxing, as well as life-changing. Gerry shared her explanation of her client’s spiritual experiences, saying, “Besides treating their skin, we try to treat their mind, body and spirit. Stress can cause serious skin issues. So when they come in, sometimes we do reiki on them. It’s all about having everything and being relaxed here.Being pampered. You have everything here. We take that very seriously.”


Gerry opened Nu You Skin Care in Ambler in October of 2013. After working at a medical spa in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, PA, Gerry says that although she was trying to help people, she found that by doing the harsh chemical peels and laser treatments the clients never saw any results. In fact, it seemed to make conditions even worse. Confused and unsettled, Gerry sought further education about the issue, and began taking classes, eventually exceeding 1,000 hours of continued education courses about skin treatments and the best ways to heal. The next step was natural: “The only way I was going to be able to treat clients the way I felt they should be treated was to open my own place.”

Since then, Gerry has helped hundreds overcome skin conditions and leave happy and refreshed. Although their current office is small, they pride themselves in giving individual attention to each client so that they get the tailored results they’re looking for. “We are not a ‘run them in and run them out’ kind of place. We like to spend time, find out about them, and really treat what they’re dealing with. We are small but very personal.”


What else separates Nu You from traditional skin care facilities? Everything. They offer a wide variety of services including male waxing, LED therapy, facial treatments that utilize infusion therapy, their very own skin care products, and treatment plans for teenagers dealing with skin issues. Gerry, who went to the UK to become certified in the art of male waxing, says that it is one of their most popular services. She now works with several athletes, as well as men from neighboring states who come to seek the otherwise rare and hard-to-come-by male waxing services.

nu-you-skincare-ambler-0055Furthermore, their professional skin care line has been intricately designed without the use of harsh chemicals. “The reason that we started our own skin care line was because the others we had been using had a lot of chemicals. Even ones that were organic, we were seeing harsh side affects.” Gerry now works with a lab to help create products that will do nothing but heal and produce positive results.

The infusion techniques used during the facial treatments at Nu You are also among the most popular services offered. Unlike traditional facial peels, which use chemicals to strip the face of a few layers of skin, the Nu You Facial treatments infuse the skin with nutrition, allowing it to turn more quickly. Following the infusion, there is a serum massaged into the surface layer that acts similar to getting a B12 shot, allowing the skin to repair, heal, and produce new and healthy glowing skin. They also have trained Oncology Estheticians on staff who strive to work with those going through chemotherapy, as a means to ease the clients suffering in whatever way that they can. It is Gerry’s hope that once her company continues to grow, oncology will be the focus of their business.

It is apparent how passionate Gerry is about her work, as well as the town Nu You resides in. Gerry chose Ambler because she simply loves the town. She professes her love for the town’s layout, the community, and her local clientele. In turn, Gerry’s clientele have loved her in return, praising her online and spreading referrals over the tri-state area, making Nu You Skin Care successful enough to continue to grow and spread its gift of healthy skin. Nu You plans on opening two new offices, one in Langhorne and one in Rittenhouse Square, hopefully coming Fall of 2016. For more information on Nu You Skin Care and all the services they offer, visit their website at

Nu You Skin Care
7 South Ridge Ave
Ambler, PA
(215) 847-5659

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