By Anna Idler

The world of credit cards can be a challenge to navigate for many individuals. BKZ Consulting Partners not only recognizes this fact, they thrive on providing a clear path for customers that leads to answers.

“Finding the easiest way to explain a world that’s complicated by design,” explains Bob Zimmerman, founder and CEO of BKZ Consulting, when asked about the goal of the company. “That’s what gets me up in the morning. When we have the opportunity to bring a solution to a customer that they did not know existed prior to meeting with us.”


Bob Zimmerman President @ BKZ Consulting Partners

BKZ Consulting is a certified Veteran-owned business that specializes in credit card processing and merchant services to businesses, non-profit organizations and municipalities.

The company was founded in 1998 after Zimmerman left his job at First Data. As he was figuring out next steps, Zimmerman kept getting calls from past customers of his asking his advice on rates and credit card processing. This prompted an idea.

Zimmerman began asking his old customers if they would stick with him and continue to ask his expertise if he created his own company. Time and time again, he was met with a resounding,  “Yes!”

“That was a really neat way to get the business off the ground.”

BKZ Consulting is based out of North Wales and has eight employees currently, all passionate and highly knowledgeable about credit card consulting and merchant processing. Zimmerman recognizes the skill, helpfulness and integrity of his staff.

“We consult through providing our advice and advocating for our customers’ businesses,” he says. “Our upfront approach and transparency is something we truly take pride in.”

The relationships BKZ Consulting has been able to form with its customer base have been one of the company’s many strong points. BKZ Consulting strives to create a long-term, trusting connection with each and every one of its customers; keeping each a priority is the objective of the company.

“We have a fantastic portfolio of customers,” Zimmerman enthusiastically points out. “They’re all excellent, and great businesspeople to work with.”

Zimmerman has high hopes for the future of BKZ Consulting. The company has seen 20%-30% growth each year since inception, an amazing accomplishment and one that Zimmerman plans to continue.

Finding new, creative ways to increase company exposure as well as educate consumers on credit card management is on Zimmerman’s to-do list.

He and his employees hope to host webinars and industry events partnered with other local businesses and associations. BKZ Consulting is also in the midst of developing an innovative one-step invoice and billing solution through customers that would eliminate disputes in a sale.

BKZ Consulting takes pride in its work and in its community. With over 14 years of experience, along with experts in payment processing at hand on staff, BKZ Consulting has seen great success in Montgomery County, and expects many more exciting opportunities in the years to come.

“We are solid individuals looking to do the right thing for our customers and our business,” says Zimmerman. “We’ve built our business on being open and honest in our dealings with customers. And that is how we will continue to grow.”




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