They’re baaaacccckkkkk. The stink bug invasion has begun, and no one can possibly be thrilled about it. These pesky bug’s are looking for a warm place to spend the fall and winter seasons, so get ready for some less than desirable new roommates.  Once one of these “brown marmorated” stink bug’s enters your home, it sends off a pheromone that attracts all other stink bugs in the area, letting them know that it’s nice and cozy inside. We’re pretty sure we saw two of them high fiving each other in the office today. But aside from being a complete nuisance and living up to their name when squashed, these bugs have been taking a very serious toll on the agriculture in our area, eating away at apple, peach and pear trees. The stinkiest of bugs have very quickly become a major problem all across the state of Pennsylvania, including Souderton, Allentown, Bustleton and throughout Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery county. So in short, they are pretty much everywhere.


How Do They Get In?!!!

The stink bug usually will enter buildings through the smallest of openings around windows, doors and air conditioning units. They also infiltrate your home under shingles and through openings in the soffit, attics are usually a hot bed for them to set up shop as well. Once inside, they can make their way into our personal living space where they can be seen on ceilings, around windows, hiding in curtains, even our laundry. Once they have found a comfortable spot to hide for the winter, they enter a state of hibernation. Although they are not active during this the winter, they are still really, really annoying.

What Can We Do?!!!

Quick and Easy Tips to Keep Their Numbers Down

  • Keeping doors and windows closed whenever possible
  • Remove air conditioning window units
  • Repair any torn screens, even the slightest opening will work for a stink bug
  • Seal and caulk small openings around your house or apt.
  • Weather strip around windows and doors. Worst comes to worst, it will help you save money on your energy bill!
  • Some hardware stores now carry new and effective traps to capture and dispose of them
  • Combination of Dawn and H2O in a water bottle have been known to repel them (pet friendly way!)

*If you have any tips or tricks of your own, feel free to leave us a comment! 

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