3 Cultural Festivals for End of Summer Fun

by Betsy Natter Credit: https://www.facebook.com/tryzub.ukrainianclub The Philadelphia area is rich with cultural heritage and Montgomery County is no exception. As a way of sharing their ethnic heritage, culture, food and artistry with their communities, three local organizations are inviting the local community to join in their annual festival celebrations. Stop by one or [...]

Montgomerian on the Move: Riding Switchbacks to Sunset

by Anna Idler All GPSes were faulty. The small one attached to our rental car’s dashboard kept showing us going off the designated route and struggling to “recalculate”; our two phone maps showed us being close to the road we needed to get on, but provided no direct way to get there. “There” being Talaia [...]

Montgomerian on the Move: Enjoying What The Planet Gives Us, in Lagos

Anna Idler   “Hey! Thanks for picking me up!” I throw my backpack into the seat and climb into the surf guide’s truck. “No problem,” he says as he closes my door. Climbs back in. “Where are you from?” “Philadelphia! The U.S.” “Ah,” he chuckles. “I knew you were American.” “Oh man I’m sure you [...]

Montgomerian on the Move: Hitting the Bull’s Eye in Pamplona

by Anna Idler “There is a man reading a newspaper front of us.” Rachel poked my arm and motioned to the front of the crowd. Though my five-foot frame doesn’t allow me to see much in these congested situations, I managed to locate him: she was right. An elderly man in a red “Pamplona” bandana [...]

Montgomerian on the Move: A Young Girl’s Courage Lives On at 263 Prinsengracht

Anna Idler "I must uphold my ideals, for perhaps the time will come when I shall be able to carry them out." - Anne Frank Amsterdam is set up like one giant circle. Read: the most ideal set-up for a not-so-savvy map reader like me. I loved this city. The streets are neatly divided by beautiful canals. [...]

Ambler Happening: A spotlight on Ambler, PA

by Anna Idler Photography by Alison Dunlap I still remember my fourth of July three years ago; I might remember so well because it didn’t involve any wild parties and fireworks “down the shore” as we Philadelphians like to call it. I opted for a quiet night with my mom, in downtown Ambler, about five [...]