Fostering Hope is a new volunteer-run organization serving foster families and children who are in the foster care system in Montgomery County. The organization began as a few fosters and helpers that attended Christ’s Church of the Valley in Royersford. These women saw a dire need. There are many children who need safety and permanence, and there is a shortage of foster and adoptive parents. Fostering Hope wants to eliminate barriers to becoming and serving as a resource parent by providing clothing, toys and supplies.

Fostering Hope has three main initiatives:  Dignity Duffles, Bags of Hope, and the Foster-Share Closet.

Dignity Duffles

Children will receive a duffle bag to pack their belongings as they transition to their foster home placement. This new duffle bag provides a sense of dignity instead of a trash bag.  Fostering Hope asks for donations of a specific bag available on their Amazon wish list. The bags can be stored flat. This makes it easy for case workers to keep multiple duffles in their trunk for emergency placements.

Bags of Hope

Upon entering their foster home, each child will receive a drawstring bag that includes toiletries and small items to provide comfort and welcome them into their foster care placement.

Foster-Share Closet

Soon after the Directors of Fostering Hope became foster parents, they realized how crucial the donations they received were to their success as foster parents. The Foster-Share Closet replicates the support they received.  Every foster family and child will be able to “shop” in the Foster-Share Closet. They will be able to receive clothing, toys, books and large baby gear.  The Foster-Share Closet helps to alleviate financial and logistical issues when a family welcomes a baby, child, or teenager into their home.

Fostering Hope encourages all foster families who live in Montgomery County to use their services.

The saying goes, “It takes a village.” Find out how you can help by volunteering, donating, or becoming a foster parent yourself. Visit for more information.

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