Montgomery County Pennsylvania

Image Courtesy of Open Space Plan

Did you know that as of 2010 Montgomery County is the third most populous county in Pennsylvania, just behind Philadelphia County and Allegheny County? In a state with 67 counties, that’s pretty cool! Did you also know that according to Wikipedia, Montgomery County, PA is the 20th wealthiest county in the county? Forbes even named it 9th best place to raise a family. Now that’s saying something! I guess that’s why we love Montgomery County so much?! Montgomery County was created on September 10, 1784, and it was actually created by using land from Philadelphia County. Thanks Philly! We appreciate it.  With an ‘AAA’ rating from Standard & Poor’s, 1 of only 30 counties in the entire U.S. to receive the highest credit rating S&P hands out, we know that Montgomery County is a great place to live. We hope you enjoyed these few fun facts about Montgomery County Pennsylvania!


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