by Christa Peressini

Keeping fit isn’t always easy, especially in today’s hectic world. Between work, grocery shopping, shuttling kids to various activities, and whatever else the day may hold, many people find themselves over-scheduled and logging many miles in their cars throughout the day. Squeezing in time to exercise can be tough, not to mention that your gym may be across town from where you are when you actually do have time to work out!

That’s where Aerobic Rhythmics comes in. Jean Rosenzweig, owner, is a Pennsylvania native who has resided in Collegeville for the past 43 years. Jean explains, “I was always into sports and fitness throughout school and after. I was running classes for other organizations while my kids were small, and decided I could implement my ideas for a total body workout on my own terms. I could make a program that would allow the busy person to get all they need two times a week for one hour.”

Aerobic Rhythmics offers a range of one-hour fitness classes at 22 strategically located venues in Montgomery and Bucks County. Currently, the classes on rotation include Aeroflex, yoga, Zumba, and AquaSize, and Jean is confident that everyone will be able to find something that works for them within the fitness offerings.

“The program is structured for ages 20 to 70,” says Jean. “It can be geared up or geared down

[based on a client’s needs].” Aeroflex, for example, is a total body workout set to music that is known for being an excellent, and sometimes challenging, class. Aerobic Rhythmics offers both high intensity and low intensity versions of the class so people of all fitness levels and workout experience can participate and enjoy the benefits. And with locations spread throughout Bucks and Montgomery counties, clients can almost always find a class near them. “Our clients love the ability to jump around as their schedule allows,” says Jean.


As most gym-goers know, going to the same gym and doing the same routine time after time can become boring very quickly. Not so with Aerobic Rhythmics. As Jean says, “It’s like no other program. The one-hour slot is packed to give the best total body workout, and the routines change every eight weeks.”

Clients will be in good hands with extremely experienced instructors – Jean says that all the teachers have also been Aerobic Rhythmic students for years. “Our instructors are hired from in-house,” she says. “So they know the lingo and structure.”

MontCoHappening2016_176_webAerobic Rhythmics recently was recognized as one of the best “Group Exercise” locations in Montco Happening’s 2016 Happening List. They also won the 2016 Spectrum Award for service excellence. As Jean says, Aerobic Rhythmics prides themselves on offering a “fun, friendly, and helpful” atmosphere for people of all ages, skill levels, and fitness goals.

Classes run five days a week, and clients can sign up on Aerobic Rhythmics’s website. They are currently offering a one-week unlimited free trial. So grab a friend, pick a class, find a convenient location and have fun! For more information, visit or follow them on Facebook.


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