In preparation for National Childhood Cancer Month in September, Montco Happening is honored to help put the spotlight on one of the most helpful and heart warming charities in our area. The Kisses for Kyle foundation offers a wide variety of services to families fighting childhood cancer in the Delaware Valley. They provide financial assistance to help these families with bills, including rent and mortgage, car payments, utility payments, travel expenses, wigs and food just to name a few. The Kisses for Kyle Foundation knows that the entire family is affected when a child is battling cancer. Additionally, they also recognize that the suffering child is often struggling to feel “normal” during their fight with this deadly disease, and other children within the family may sometimes feel left out during their siblings battle. This local foundation literally does everything imaginable when it comes to providing aide for these families, as they know first hand how devastating childhood cancer can be.

 Kisses for Kyle

We recently had the honor to speak with Kisses for Kyle founder and proud mother, Sharon Snyder. We spoke to Sharon about her foundation, her mission, and most importantly about her son Kyle, who passed away from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 1998. Kyle Snyder was just three weeks shy of his second birthday when he was diagnosed. After a brave but brief eight-month fight, he passed away from this terrible form of cancer. In 2001, Sharon founded The Kisses for Kyle Foundation to honor her sons memory and to assist families in our region who are fighting the same battles that she and her family once did. There is no doubt that losing a child at such a young age is an unimaginable tragedy. However, Kyle’s spirit and story continues to help  and inspire thousands of residents from our area who are fighting cancer every day.

One in every 330 children will develop cancer. As said and shocking as this statistic may be, it is an undeniable truth. While the Kisses for Kyle Foundation understands that they cannot take away this diagnosis, they  believe wholeheartedly that they can help alleviate extra stresses of life by providing financial assistance and special experiences the entire family can cherish. It is their mission to make a positive impact on local families fighting the same fight the Snyders fought, and in Kyle’s beautiful memory.

“The Kisses for Kyle Foundation was born out of the deep love that they will always have for their precious child. Kyle is much more important than a memory of what once was. It is through our foundation that we continue to care and love for him every day; it is how we keep him present in our lives. It is through Kyle’s memory and spirit that we are helping many other families enduring what we once did”.     Sharon Snyder



Often, a child’s cancer diagnosis will leave a parent deciding between working to pay their bills and focusing on their child’s care. It can be impossible for working parents to be there to take them to doctor’s appointments and medical tests, and to comfort them through surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation. Taking a leave from work can lead to unexpected financial concerns and cause undue stress during an already difficult time.Kisses for Kyle 3

Although their main goal is to help with direct financial assistance, this dedicated team of heroes also provides gifts and donated items to comfort the entire family, not just the child battling cancer. These gifts are provided throughout the year, as well as through their annual Holiday Wish List. Coordinated through the generous help of our supporters, the Kisses for Kyle Wish List allows children to request specific items for the holidays. Past requests have ranged from a doll with hair or computer games to basic needs such as a mattress on which to sleep or a coat to keep them warm through the winter.

They also organize an enormous amount of activities in Montgomery County and beyond where families are invited to participate in local events and parties, such as free entry to a children’s gym. They are pleased to host and attend parties to celebrate the successful completion of treatment. Requests for help are typically made through the family’s hospital-assigned social worker, and the family is informed that the Foundation is providing assistance. The families quickly learn that it is their goal and passion to help alleviate any added stress while offering some much-needed peace of mind. Sharon Snyder and her supporters help minimize their workload in the hopes that their focus can remain on what is most important: caring for their children.



There are a ton of ways in which you can help get involved with Kisses for Kyle. Below is a list of some of the options that are available


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*Stay tuned for more announcements coming from the Kisses for Kyle Foundation including a brand new website, and updated news and events that will be happening all throughout our community! If you are interested in contacting Sharon and her team of supporters directly, please click here

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