Forbes named Montgomery County the 9th best place to raise a family, so it is no surprise why so many families are moving here. Moving into a new home is a long and expensive process. You’ve probably invested your life savings into your home; now you are trying to figure out how to afford a few new furnishings.

Read the following tips to discover how to shop for furniture the smart way:

  • Ask for the slightly damaged models. Many big furniture stores have a room designated to furniture that has been scratched or dented. These pieces of furniture will be inexpensive and often easy to repair. Some furniture stores even sell lightly used furniture at relatively inexpensive prices. They will also get rid of the showroom furniture and floor models at a comparatively cheaper price than the brand new versions.
  • Visit consignment shops. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Consignment shops often furniture that you can refurbish. The inventory in consignment shops is one of a kind, so if you find something you love, be ready to buy it. Consider bringing a larger vehicle along, or renting a truck if need be.
  • Check out a flea market. If you arrive early enough at a flea market, you will have the first pick. Take extra precautions by bringing along tarp, cardboard boxes, blankets, and tape in case you find the piece of furniture you love. Don’ be afraid to bargain with flea market vendors, they expect it. Finding the best deals at a flea market can involve a lot of time and effort, but it is worth it to find the items you want at a discounted price.

When financial resources are limited, you can make up for it in creativity. Enjoy your new home and all of its furnishings. For help with fine furniture and more, contact the experts at Lauter’s Furniture Store in PA at (610) 258-6246.



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