Heat waveIt’s mid March, a week before the official start of Spring, and Montgomery County is already in the midst of a heat wave!  For those who are still in hibernation and haven’t ventured outside recently, it’s been beautiful.  This highly unusual winter heat wave isn’t just affecting PA, but it actually is causing above normal temperatures across two-thirds of the nation.  In fact, North Dakota, a state notorious for extreme cold, could see 80+ degree temperatures soon.

Looking at the 10 day forecast, there is no end in sight.  By early next week, temperatures could be back up into the mid 70’s here in Montgomery County.  As explained by a Weather Channel article and the map below, this heat wave closely resembles what we’d experience in the summer. “The jet stream will continue to bulge northward east of the Rockies, allowing unusually warm air to grip the eastern three-quarters of the country for many days to come.”  This will also allow for higher humidity and even short rain showers typical of late spring, early summer.


Map courtesy of The Weather Channel


With the warmer temperatures, the grass is growing and flowers are blooming.  Washington DC is even suggesting that visitors arrive a week or two early to see the cherry blossoms this year.  How will you get out to enjoy this great weather?  Early spring cleaning?  Visiting one of Montgomery County’s state parks such as Norristown Farm Park or Evansburg State Park?  Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter Pages!


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