From the past to the present, that is the underlying theme behind this article, and one of Skippack’s latest shopping destinations, Accent On the Rocks! It’s hard to appreciate the present if we don’t remember and honor the past. For owner Mary Bohidar, this small village is very much a part of both. Montco Happening is proud to feature the story and products behind Accent On the Rocks. A newly renovated store full of beautiful products, fashionable clothing, unique jewelry, personality, and a very storied history!

Mary & Amelia

The very building that Mary now occupies has long been of historical significance to the town of Skippack. Over 50 years ago, the building served as a horse stable for Skippack’s sprawling farms and local land owners. As time progressed, the building was purchased by Eileen Lucas, Mary’s mother and owner of what soon became Amelia’s Accents. The store specialized in selling accents for the home and self, and quickly became a reputable name among Montgomery County residents. Mary herself has detailed memories of what the store used to be like  and recalls helping her mom work around the shop as a child. Memories of a shop that she would eventually transform into her own vision of creativity and fashion. Through reinventing Amelia’s, Mary is succesfully honoring her own past and family history.

Although the products on sale now are vastly different than those sold by her mother, the identity of the building and the quality of products coming out of it have never changed. Not only do they look great, but they were custom made to stand the test of time. Whether it’s the history of the building, the family setting, or the products themselves, Accent On the Rocks has a positive energy that can’t be mistaken when walking through the doors. Mary’s excellent service and friendly rapport help add to that feeling by making all of her customers feel right at home. Her customers, shoppers and guests are helping create a a new chapter in Skippack’s shopping history.


Accent On the Rocks offers a truly jaw dropping collection of fine jewelry, clothes and gifts at a very reasonable price. The store is impeccably designed and decorated, bringing a sense of shopping ease to their customers at all times. When it comes to the products, you’re not likely to find any similar offerings close by. Mary has gained a special understanding of what our local shoppers are looking for in Montgomery County, and it absolutely shows through her store. Mary and her daughter Amelia could not be more enthusiastic to bring their positive vibes, quality made products and family legacy back into the Village, and they’re already off to a great start!
IMG_2903-2Accent on the Rocks is a shop full of eccentric, unique and clever gift ideas. Gifts that both men and women would be happy to purchase. Their section of custom made pottery helps bring an earthy feel to the store, as well as the rock wine taps, a gift that any wine lover would have to have! With over six vintage showcases, the selection of jewelry here is as vast as it is unique.

With some additional wisdom and style tips from Mary’s daughter Amelia, the two have brought a new level of sophistication and class to Skippack’s collection of small boutiques. After opening last September, Accent On the Rocks is just one month away from celebrating their first anniversary. A milestone which is a testament to Mary’s hard work, meticulous eye for fashion, and visions for what our residents are yearning to see more of. From artisan crafted jewelry to fashion accessories and giftware, there is always an emphasis on exceptional style. It’s “where eclectic meets chic and unique”, a motto that embodies the experience and products that you will see at this contemporary version of Amelia’s Accents.
With a history of art in her veins, Mary decided to leave behind the constraints of Corporate America to follow her heart, and our local shoppers are so happy she did! Although she was able to gain an immense amount of knowledge working years as a graphic designer, her new store has allowed Mary to do what she loves, and it shows in every aspect of her personality and small business. Over 40 artists have contributed to Mary’s inventory, many of whom live and work right here in our region. As a result, this gives the store a clear made in America focus, an aspect that all of us can respect and love!

Each showcase here provides different styles from selected artists, all which help create a huge selection for her customers to choose from. Mary has an excellent understanding of our local community, and the neighbors and customers who she more considers to be friends. Accent on the Rocks is definitely a must visit next time you and your family are in Skippack. They have become one of the new and exciting members of Skippack’s bright future, and storied past.

Accent On the Rocks
4064 Skippack Pike, Skippack, PA
610) 615-5901
Follow On FB: Accent on the Rocks
Email:[email protected]

Wed-Fri: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sat: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm


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