In a world where social media dominates, you can’t go anywhere without your likeness being photographed and shared. The use of hashtags has become one of the most popular ways of communicating and sharing in our socially dominated world.

Formerly known as the pound sign, the Tic-Tac-Toe board-like symbol is now used to tag and share content across a multitude of platforms. Tagging specific keywords makes it easy for you to find posts that interest you. With 400 million active users and over 80 million photos shared a day, Instagram reigns supreme in the social sharing realm.

Andrea Sorial and her then-fiancé first noticed the popularity of Instagram at their friend’s wedding in 2012. Guests at the wedding were taking photos and posting them to Instagram.  However, the images were posted to individual accounts using different hashtags and different permissions so they weren’t being shared with the other wedding guests.  What was worse, the bride and groom couldn’t collect and keep these wedding memories that their loved ones were 2

With this in mind, the Sorial’s put their heads together to create a solution to this social sharing dilemma. The couple worked with a close friend to develop the software that would allow all of the photos shared and tagged with a specific hashtag to be streamed at an event. In fact, Partyhasher was used for the first time at the Sorial wedding. Thus, Partyhasher was born.

With Partyhasher, you are able to view photos during your event and all you need is an account, a specific hashtag and a projector. Photos posted to Instagram and tagged with the appropriate hashtag are displayed through a streaming loop using a large screen or a projector. Partyhasher allows you and your guests to enjoy the photos that are taken at an event in real time, from weddings, to birthday parties, and even corporate dinners.

The best part about the Partyhasher software is that these memories can be kept for a lifetime. All of the photos are saved in your account, which you can download after your event. Then you can upload and share on other social platforms or to order prints. And while photographers are there to get the formal shots, many people don’t consider all of the photos friends and family members take on their phones. Those pictures tend to get lost in the mix and forgotten about – and typically, those pictures turn out to be some of the best candid shots.
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Today, Partyhasher continues to grow and hire new developers to make their software the best it can be. Their popularity in the community has grown, too. After friends and family started using the website to share photos of their weddings and special events, the demand for Partyhasher continued to grow.

Since the company’s inception in 2013, Partyhasher has worked the 2014 & 2015 Happening List Red Carpet Bash for Montco Happening. In addition, they’ve brought their “insta” event coverage to the PA Conference for Women and events hosted by the popular wedding site The Knot. Triumph Brewery has also called upon Partyhasher to help share photos during their events.Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.33.10 PM

Partyhasher is not just a story of a great idea, though. It is a story representative of the drive it takes to start your own business. In talking with Andrea about the start of the company and her hopes for the future, she boiled it down to this: “We were just a bunch of people who decided to do something crazy.” All it takes is a good idea, some business intuition, and the right mindset!

The future of Partyhasher is a bright one, as the business continues to grow for the Sorial family. Andrea sees the service becoming a staple of wedding planning, and hopes to see Partyhasher offered as a wedding staple when you book your venue. “One day, booking Partyhasher will become part of the wedding planning routine, similar to booking the venue, the photographer, etc.” Andrea also shared that she hopes to continue updating and improving upon the software that is Partyhasher so that it can be used across all social platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

For more information about Partyhasher or to book them for your next event, visit

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