Nestled in the middle of Montgomery County you will find the small town of Skippack, PA. This quaint and quiet area is small in size, but that is exactly what gives it such great charm and personality. The streets here are strewn with unique shops, boutiques, restaurants and  small businesses of all kinds. Collectively, they are the beat of Skippack’s welcoming heart. Residents of this community have a pride about their town that makes you want to keep coming back for more, skippack 1and you will find no bigger supporter of what Skippack has to offer than writer/blogger Michael Shaw.

Michael’s pride and enthusiasm for this tucked away town has turned him into a bit of a celebrity. There’s not a place in Skippack Village that he has not visited, nor are there many faces that he doesn’t recognize. Even as we strolled down the sidewalks of Skippack Pike, cars were beeping at us in efforts to grab his attention. In 2010, Michael decided to start blogging about everyday life in his hometown, and from there his writing and fan base took off! The I Love Skippack website and blogs are his way of giving back to the community that has given so much. A way to say thanks to the small town that he and his wife call home.

How It All Began

In 2008, Michael and his wife Debby bought a house in a new development in the center of Skippack Village. Prior to purchasing this new home, they each lived in separate locations within Montgomery County. So as they searched for a new residence to call their own, they landed on the picturesque and sometimes quirky town of Skippack, PA. Michael has always loved to write. In fact, he has worked as a writer for magazines, newspapers, a book publisher and was even skippack 2the editor of a website for two Fortune 500 companies. Despite all of these accomplishments, his passion and love for living in Skippack has been his greatest muse. In 2010, Michael started his own website & blog with the help of web designer Brad DeForest called, I Love Skippack.

Since it’s launch in 2010, Michael has used his excellent writing and editing skills to create blogs that are so much more than just personal experiences. His work and his blogging have helped showcase the small businesses, people, hangouts and events that make Skippack such a special place to live and visit in Montgomery County. Michael now spends many afternoons and evenings walking down the sidewalk through town, stopping on his way to talk to the local shop owners, restaurant workers and residents alike. Thanks to his passion and pride for this small town, the team and I at Montco Happening can absolutely say with a smile that we love Skippack too!!!

Q & A with Michael Shaw

MH: How did you start “I Love Skippack”?

Michael: “I Love Skippack was actually started out of the blue and under less than fortunate circumstances. After the economy crashed I was one of thousands who lost their job. My passion has always been to write, and after moving to Skippack with my wife, I could find no greater subject to write about than the very town which captured both our hearts.”

MH: What would you say is your favorite thing about running your blog?

Michael: “My favorite thing about writing the I Love Skippack blog is meeting the very people, residents and business owners who give this community it’s wonderful personality. I Love Skippack is my way of giving back to the town. It is my attempt to capture and describe everyday life here, and to support the people who make Skippack so special.”

MH: Do you ever see yourself leaving the comforts of Skippack?

Michael: “No, never. Skippack is my home and it has been ever since I moved here in 2008. The I Love Skippack blog has been my labor of love for the past three years, and I would never give that up. I believe that people unfamiliar with our small town will enjoy hearing and seeing everything it has to offer. Just as well, the Skippack community deserves to be recognized for all the amazing things they do here every day. I am truly happy here, and plan on making Skippack my home forever.

On A Personal Note

Michael Shaw is definitely the source for everything that is happening in Skippack. His blog is a valuable resource to our community as it contains personal experiences, event information, ideas on where to eat and shop, and just about everything else that is going on in the Village of this beloved town. Aside from his knowledge and influence within the local community, I can honestly say that Michael is an incredibly caring and genuine individual. He was more than happy to show me around town, pointing out all his favorite shops and stores, all while filling me in on their history. His excitement for Skippack got me excited! As we walked along the famous Skippack Pike curve in the center of town, we stopped into Miss Riddle’s Candy Shop to sit down and interview each other. It was kind of like “Crossfire”, but a lot friendlier!
me and mike

Jenny, the employee behind the counter of Miss Riddle’s Candy Shop welcomed us into the store with a warm greeting and a big smile.  She could not have been more accommodating to Michael and I during our time spent talking with each other. It’s the kind of customer service like that that sums up the residents, workers and business owners in Skippack. Each store is as personal and friendly as the next. If you’re ever close by or in town, this Candy Shop is a must stop for anyone who needs to satisfy their sweet tooth. I ended up leaving with a coffee and two chocolate covered bacon candy bars, and yes…I did say bacon!
Jenny S.

Most recently, Michael Shaw was voted Best Blogger in Montgomery County on The Happening List 2013! This people’s choice contest gave all our residents the chance to vote for their favorite people, places and things in Montco. After spending the afternoon in Michael’s company and learning more about his passion for everything Skippack, I can understand how the community nominated and voted him as Best of the Best when it comes to influential blogging. Check out all his social media outlets and

Michael Shaw of I Love Skippack, "Winner of Most Happening Blogger in Montgomery County"

Michael Shaw of I Love Skippack, “Winner of Most Happening Blogger in Montgomery County”

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