Jacquelyn Hillgrube has been in the seller’s market for years and even her real estate prowess couldn’t have predicted how the pandemic would dramatically change the scene. Completing twenty to thirty real estate transactions a year she certainly understands all the elements it takes to sell successfully, including private sales.

With the experience of a private sale on her own home, and her first hand experience, shown here, of how places like Yardley, Newtown, Pennington, Mercer and Bucks real estate are performing, she’s sharing the inside scoop. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, Jacquelyn’s knowledge of private sales in the global luxury space and beyond is invaluable. While the pandemic has created a very simple economic situation in real estate; supply is low and demand is high, she’s still helping her clients find success. Click here for her expert insights and find out what her secret weapon was when selling her own home privately.

A Private Sale’s Value in Today’s Market

My Own Private Sale in a Seller’s Market


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