While trying to follow the “8 8-oz cups of water per day” rule, I find myself becoming somewhat bored with plain old h2O.  Don’t get me wrong, a glass of ice water on a hot summer’s day is great, but after my 6th glass of the day I start looking for something  more.  At the same time, I try to avoid sodas and fruit juices because of their high sugar content.  What options does this leave?

This past weekend my problem was forever solved when I stumbled upon “Infused Water” at a festival.  In general, Infused Water is usually spring water mixed with a blend of herbs, fruits, and/or vegetables.  I tried out the Lemon, Basil, Cucumber and was very impressed.  Not only did it have a refreshing, non-sugary taste, but it also quenched my thirst just as much as normal water.


Below is the recipe for this delicious summer drink:

10 thin slices of lemon
10 thin slices of cucumber
10 small leaves of basil, ripped
3-4 cups of water

Put in the fridge and let stand for a minimum of 1 hour.  Serve over ice with at least one lemon slice, cucumber slice, and basil leaf in each cup.  Enjoy!

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