by Anna Idler

In an interview for, Steven Van Zandt, member of Bruce Springsteen’s E-Street Band, said that “a great band is more than just some people working together.”

“It’s like a highly specialized army unit, or a winning sports team,” Van Zandt explained. “A unique combination of elements that becomes stronger together than apart.”

The four members of Montco-based alternative rock band SPiN are the type of group that Little Stevie definitely had in mind when he delivered that statement.

Vocalist Eric Rothenheber and keyboard player Jim Vacca began playing together at their high school in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania in a cover band called Spin The Bottle. The two added drummer Lou Chudnofsky and guitarist Hank Cieplinski to the mix a few years later. The tight-knit group of friends began playing regional shows up to five times a week.

Fast forward to 2010 when SPiN’s first EP “Home” was internationally released; the album was created in collaboration with Grammy-winning producer David Ivory. The single “Home” climbed the charts as the second-most added song in the country for two weeks.

SPiN has toured over 35 states and played over 600 shows, headlining and supporting platinum acts such as Fuel, Eve 6, Puddle of Mudd, Hinder, Halestorm and numerous others. Their sound is rock infused with electronic pop elements and dominant vocal harmonies, comparable to bands like Muse, Queen and The Cars.

In 2015, “Happy Together,” SPiN’s single from their EP called “Stalked,” was featured on the conclusion episode of the CBS hit show Stalker. The haunting vocals and slow, dreamy melody of SPiN’s cover of this notable song was perfect for the show’s dark undertones and mysterious plotlines.

Our version of ‘Happy Together’ seems to have struck the biggest chord [with audiences],” noted Rothenheber.

The song reached #1 on iTunes Indie Rock charts and has been streamed almost half a million times by listeners.

SPiN recently released a brand new EP “Meant to Rise” and published a music video for the EP’s single “Dig Your Own Grave”. The video features a woman running wild through Southern California, starting in Venice Beach and continuing through apartment blocks and pools. Not very glitzy locations, but that’s the point of the video: she’s bringing her own excitement wherever she goes.

SPiN is creating some stir of their own as well: tons of new music in 2017.

“We’re actually already at work on the next EP,” said Rothenheber. “Musically it’s going to be a bit of a different vibe for us. More of a dancey flavor whilst still making faces.”

SPiN has found song-writing inspiration from Montgomery County, particularly an organization very close to all of their hearts: The Just Fight Foundation, based in Abington, PA.

“Eric, Jimmy and I all live in MontCo,” explained Cieplinski. “We became involved with the Just Fight Foundation that helps promote CPR training and helping families with children who have brain injuries. We wrote a song for the little girl, Ally Tuner, who the foundation was based around.”

When asked about any last thoughts the band members wanted readers to take away from this article, Vacca laid it out pretty clearly.

“Yes, take your eyes away from this article, and feast them [and your ears] instead upon our new music!” he stated. “We’d love to know what you think.”

Follow Jim’s advice and check out the band on their site You can be the first to see new music videos and hear new songs by following SPiN on YouTube as well.

The song SPiN wrote for Ally Turner is called “Just Fight (Ally’s Song)”. More information on the organization and its cause can be found at their website: 

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