by Edie Weinstein, Photography by Alison Dunlap


Christine Aust-Morales can read a menu in such a way that your mouth will water as you hear the words. As she described the delectables that her company Corporate Source Catering offers, I could almost taste and smell them. Food is a metaphor for love and nurturing and this family owned and operated business certainly has that in abundance.
cs-catering_040One example is a foodies’ delight and I dare you not to rush over to their site…. okay, go ahead, so you can at least indulge your sense of sight when you glimpse photos of the trays and platters and what they contain, “Our office smells so good when we are making fajitas. Ingredients include fresh cilantro, cumin, grilled peppers and onions. People come running in from other parts of the building. The carnitas are filled with shredded pork, seasoned black beans and guacamole. Clients also remember us as the ‘chip’ people, since we craft exotic root kettle chips. They are vegan and gluten free and we created a proprietary way to season them. They are super fresh, since we make them daily.”

She dishes, “We’ve always had a love for food. We are Foodies. My brother got started early.”

Richard Aust went to Culinary School at Bucks County Community College where he earned an Associates’ Degree in Culinary Arts (Executive Chef) and BA in Hotel Management. The siblings began by working at Peddlers Village restaurants to get training. She went to Millersville to get a BA in International Business and German. Aust-Morales’ husband Ted is an active reservist, after serving 26 years in the Air Force. Adding, “So our business is Veteran owned and operated. “

Before they launched the company, they “Spoke about a venture together and wanted to go on another adventure together.” And an adventure it is.

cs-catering_001They found themselves looking for locations to do onsite catering, so they wouldn’t be tied down to a restaurant. Their roster includes: corporate clients, professional presentations, private events, weddings, retirement parties, showers, film shoot, training seminars, as well as grand openings of businesses.

She adds, “We started from nothing and found a niche.”

Solution for Success

Aust-Morales explains, “The way we see it, we have that solution for success, since everybody comes to the meeting when there’s food. It is one of the things people remember. If you want to look like a rock star, the food has to be good. It’s our job to create a memorable event by having memorable food. We put 100% into it, because we are family. We train the staff to be ambassadors for our company. If something doesn’t go right, we make it right. We want to be tops in the business. It’s a marriage of good food and good customer service.”

cs-catering_048They can meet special dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, lactose free and nut free. Since their selections are made from scratch, they are aware of the ingredients.

“We offer fresh fruit as well as other heart healthy items, such as marinated grilled vegetables. Not a lot of heavy stuff. We have breakfast, lunch and ‘light bites’ for evening, like tapas and sliders. The other thing we are proud of is that we use natural ingredients. No processed meats. We season it, grill it and slice it. There is a huge difference in flavors, nice clean flavors.”

Their goal, as often as possible, is to acquire food from local farms and suppliers in the Bucks-Mont area, and branching out into Philadelphia.

When looking for the ideal spot for their building, “We did our research and development as we were scouting Route 611. We found the location right off the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Horsham. That makes us able to get to New Jersey and Pennsylvania clients within a 20-25 -mile radius.”

Fun events for holidays and seasonal changes

“Now we are focusing on the harvest. One menu item is autumn harvest chicken with butternut squash and cranberries. With Oktoberfest coming up, being German, we are centering on that. We cater holiday parties and client appreciation lunches. We prepare Thanksgiving wraps. And we have the most wonderful vegetarian stuffed mini pumpkins. The whole thing is edible.”

They offer monthly specials and are “Budget friendly and introduce people to the different types of foods.”

The smallest event they will cater is 10 people. The average is 25-50 people and they have the warm and welcoming staff to serve up to 500 hungry guests who wax poetic about the food and service.

Their business has grown though “Word of mouth and referrals. We have a huge following on Facebook, Instagram and Yelp. People spread the news.”

The motto of Corporate Source Catering is: Quality. Service. Commitment = Order. Deliver. Done.

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