“An eye for art in every day life”. That’s how we would best describe the talent and skill of Beth Malonski from BC, Art & Photography. This long time professional photographer and Norristown native has been capturing stunning pictures of our residents for years. However, her artistic creativity doesn’t stop with photographing people. BCM offer a long list of services that would fit just about any clients need.

Whether it be corporate, commercial, small events or landscapes, Beth and her camera can do it all. Her multi faceted business can also provide creative design work like birth announcements, custom made memory books, greeting cards and more. Despite this wide range of colorful talent, we feel that her family portraits and newborn pictures in particular are what really separate her visions from the rest. Check out some of her sample work below and contact her the next time you’re in need of a professional photographer with a passion for her work, you will love the results!


In Her Own Words

“The majority of images I produce stem from an object or activity seen in the outside world, transformed through the lens and a (hopeful) vision in my mind. An image captured and composed because of what I see and ultimately what I find to be intriguing – a new “form”. That in itself imbeds meaning into my work. However, when a client finds an image captivating and creates a plan for that image to be placed into their daily lives, a new meaning is created, or, if you will, a “function”. The artwork, the materialized image and composition, becomes part of a new external environment.

It is always exciting to ship – my work packaged up, nice and shiny in its wrapping, on its way its new home. Knowing the end user, where the piece was going and how the client envisioned its place in the new environment completes the creative process and ultimately fulfills my desire to create work that has meaning in its outcome – to me and my clients.”                               ~Beth Malonoski, BCM Art & Photography



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*Interested in seeing more of Beth’s work? Visit BCM Art & Photography’s website to see what you can expect from her camera, eye and studio!*

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BCM Art & Photography
Norristown, PA
(215) 353-1054
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.bcmnotes.com/
Follow On FB: BCM Art & Photography



“Montco Happening was excited to see Beth’s skill set first hand as she was the official photographer at this years Happening List Red Carpet Bash 2013. It was just as much a pleasure to work with her in person as it was to review all the amazing photographs after”.
~ J.C. Sager, Publisher at MH

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