Hands down one of the most memorable dinners we’ve ever had in Montgomery County came courtesy of Forcella restaurant in Jenkintown. As foodie fanatics we realize that a statement like that might seem a bit over emphasized, but there would be no other way to best describe our recent visit to one of Montco’s most happening restaurants. Local owners Jose & Jennifer Vargas have successfully created a dining experience that we are confident you will find perfect from start to finish, all within a charming space that fits no more than 14 guests. This cozy BYOB, which is located on Old York road in Jenkintown literally has as much to offer as it doesn’t….making it one of the most impressive and unique culinary experiences we’ve had in a long time.chef anthony

What Forcella does offer is extraordinary attention to it’s food and guests. You’ll find that behind the sprawling street front window, there is an intimate atmosphere, tasteful decor, comfortable seating and above all, fresh, homemade ingredients. You can expect to see and taste old world Italian dishes that have been masterfully recreated with a modern twist. That of course is thanks to the creativity of local resident and master Chef, Anthony Pasceri. The Wissahickon grad and long time food connoisseur has brought his love and knowledge for cooking right onto the tables at Forcella. Not only did he plate some of the best food we’ve ever had, but he greeted each table personally while briefly explaining the dishes he created throughout the night. Chef Antony does not believe in using fancy, expensive cuts of meat like filet mignon. Rather, he believes in getting the most out of simple, fresh ingredients and we were amazed by his ability to transform the ordinary into something complex!  This is comfort food at it’s absolute finest, and all for a price that won’t spoil your dinner.

So what won’t you find at Forcella you might be wondering? Well for starters, you will not be greeted by a hostess who’s texting behind a podium while trying to seat you. Nor will you find servers wearing corporate name tags or uniforms….on the contrary! The only server working that night was Ryan Brennan, son of JoseIMG_6254 Jennifer Vargas. His service was outstanding and he could not have been more courteous or professional to each of his tables. Forcella does not offer any form of pre-packaged foods…the kitchen doesn’t even have modern machines. All of the pasta here is hand rolled, the bread made freshly daily, and every dish is meticulously prepared night after night. The food is truly a reflection of the deep rooted tradition and creativity of Chef Pasceri. It was immediately clear to us that both Chef Pasceri and the owners have a clear and immense respect for the culinary arts.

The setting within Forcella was as private and personal as you could imagine a dinner to be. They have perfected the art of serving a small volume of food with quality that is hard to match. That’s part of what makes this best kept secret so special. What this cozy little restaurant lacks in size, it more than makes up for in quality. So if you’re looking for an unforgettable dining experience in our local area, this is the place to check out! Check out our photo gallery below to see what you can expect to taste at Forcella restaurant in Jenkintown. Don’t forget to visit them on fcaebook at Forcella BYOB Restaurant, and on Twitter at ForcellaByob.


PHOTO GALLERY: Forcella Restaurant in Jenkintown



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