Moving your fitness class outside while the weather is warm is a refreshing alternative to a traditional gym workout. It’s a great way to combine the benefits of exercise, while immersing yourself in nature – great for both the body and mind. Exercising in natural settings such as parks and farms can provide a peaceful change of scenery from indoor gyms.

Fresh air and nature can help reduce stress and boost your mood. Whether it’s a jog through one of Montgomery County’s many beautiful parks, a yoga session at sunrise, a hike through the woods or a run through your neighborhood, the benefits of outdoor exercise can’t be beat. We’ve rounded up a list of outdoor workout classes for you to try!

Horseback Riding at Red Buffalo Ranch

1106 Anders Road, Collegeville, PA
(610) 489-9707

The Red Buffalo Ranch provides guided trail rides through the beautiful 3,500 acres of Evansburg State Park. They have a variety of trails that are suited to riders of all experience levels. With the aid of our experienced guides and the well trained horses, you are guaranteed a great time and a good workout! They offer 1 hour trail rides, 1 1/2 trail rides and 2 hour trail rides.

Outdoor Pop-Up Yoga | Reya Barre & Yoga

633 Germantown Pike, Lafayette Hill PA
June 9th, 4 pm

Embrace the summer air and join Reya for your Slow Flow yoga practice OUTSIDE for this exclusive Sunday pop-up class. You will practice in the parking lot outside of REYA. As you roll out your mat, you’ll feel a sense of connection with the earth beneath you. With each inhale, breathe in the crisp, fresh air, and with each exhale, release any tension or worries, allowing yourself to fully immerse in the present moment. This class will incorporate slow, flowing movements perfect for all levels.

Horse and Goat Yoga

1537 Dillon Road, Ambler, PA
(262) 391-1466

Practice goat yoga and engage with the baby goats, who are in diapers, onesies, and suspenders, by cuddling them and having them do poses with you. Develop a unique bond while doing horse yoga. Horse yoga is modified chair poses while sitting on a comfortable bareback pad with stirrups.

Women Run Montco | Women’s Running Club

Women Run Montco is the only women’s running group in the tri-state area. WRM is organized to empower, elevate and energize the women of Montgomery County through running as a sport, a healthy lifestyle, and a means to connect with and give back to the community.

Treetop Adventures

1661 Harding Blvd, Norristown, PA
(800) 652-4143

Treetop Adventures at Elmwood Park Zoo features over 50 challenge games and sip lining that spans up to 50 feet above the ground in the trees of the zoo. It’s Pennsylvania’s ropes course with zip lines over animal exhibits. What a fun way to get active this summer!

Horsham Township Outdoor Fitness Court

Lukens Park, 540 Dresher Road, Horsham, PA

The Horsham Township Outdoor Fitness Court is designed to encourage all fitness levels and abilities to get a full body workout in just 7 minutes. There are seven stations that utilize body weight to increase fitness capabilities and healthy living habits. Follow the stations in numeric order and work out at each station for 45 stations with a 15 second break in between each.

Image from Horsham Pennsylvania Website.


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