Temple Football Coach and Athletic Director Visit Copper Beech Elementary As A Result of Student Writing Exercise!

Temple University Athletic Director Dr. Patrick Kraft and Head Football Coach Geoff Collins visited Copper Beech today to hold a mock interview and Q&A session with sixth-grade student Brian Donahue and his classmates in response to the business letter Brian created as part of a classroom writing exercise.

Sixth grade teacher, Mr. Alex Price, gave his students an assignment to write business letters to professionals of their choosing.  It was an opportunity for students to write in a real-world context, using persuasive techniques. Every student’s letter in this exercise was mailed in the hopes that professionals would read and provide feedback on their letters.

Brian’s letter persuaded Dr. Kraft and Coach Collins to visit Brian’s class for an amazing session with Brian and his classmates. They commented that Brian’s letter drew their attention with its skillful writing and message about his experiences with football, his kindness, his big heart and caring for others, and his intelligence. Dr. Kraft asked him who he would select for his team’s staff and Brian selected several classmates (shown here). When asked who he would select for his quarterback, he paused and then selected his brother, Charlie, who is in third grade at Copper Beech and attended the interview.

When asked for advice regarding success in life and athletics, Dr. Kraft and Coach Collins emphasized and spoke much about being successful and working hard in academics. Dr. Kraft said “So much depends on academics and hard work; go for the A’s and B’s. Be passionate about it and good things will happen.” He recounted that one of the greatest moments in his life was seeing an athlete he knew obtain the first college degree in his family – that he succeeded academically. Dr. Kraft commented on how important writing and communication are in life, in academics, and in athletics.

Copper Beech students asked many terrific questions about Temple, about athletics, and academics. An interesting question asked by a student was what is Temple’s overall admission acceptance rate? (Dr. Kraft responded – 56%) Charlie Donahue asked if the coach or athletic director knows his Pop-Pop; Dr. Kraft asked who that is – he did not realize that their grandfather is Harry Donahue, retired KYW 1060 radio co-anchor who is still the longtime play-by-play voice of Temple athletics broadcasting! Dr. Kraft noted that Brian did not even mention that in his persuasive letter – a strong point in Brian’s favor!

Dr. Kraft and Coach Collins commented that the class asked great questions! Brian was presented with a personalized Temple Football jersey and posed with it with the coach and athletic director and with his homeroom teacher, Mrs. Gerson, and with Mr. Price. 

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