By Edie Weinstein


Walk through the door of the Timeless Styles, the fashion-forward boutique across the street from the Lansdale train station and you will find yourself immersed in a rainbow array of color and design displayed on walls, racks and in glass cabinets. Textiles, jewelry, purses and framed artwork are there for perusing and purchase. The owner, Janice Spillane and her Sheltie-Pomeranian mix four- legged four- year old assistant Rusty will greet you warmly. Along with her sister, Judith whose art work embellishes the walls, including one fanciful peace called “Elephant’s Tea Party, Spillane opened the doors in 2012, having come from an initial location in Skippack.

Warmth and Welcome Await

According to the congenial merchant, whose first career was nursing, there is something for nearly everyone, in a range of sizes from extra small- 3X, for those with varying tastes. Her customers typically are, “women ages 29-59, who want to look good.”

They have also learned that they will receive personal service. She engages every customer so that they can find what they are looking for. “I am trying to lead them, since I know the inventory.

The clothing lines she carries, include Art of Cloth, Adore and International Collection to name a few.

Starting 9/2/16 8 local artists will sell their jewelry and textiles thru Timeless Styles.

Starting 9/2/16 8 local artists will sell their jewelry and textiles thru Timeless Styles.

She says that on the racks, there are “few of a kind items,” that customers won’t find in department stores. This artistic woman will be designing her own clothing line called JMS Creations which will be a blend of old and new, vintage and contemporary; using an inventory of 400 dresses that she will transform magically into tops.

Lest you think that she is only focused on designing for a human audience, know that she is also creating a canine line that includes lightweight harnesses, collars, raincoats and cozy dog beds.

Knowing the Needs of the Customer

In order to keep up with fashion trends, Spillane “goes to shows every quarter.”

She reads newsletters and visits other stores to get a sense of what they have in stock. A keen observer, she “walks down the street to see what people are wearing. Those ages 14-20 are with the fashions. Older women who are working are not following the fashions. They want to have their own look. Older women know what they are looking for. I like that client because we have lots of discussions. Grandmothers bring their granddaughters. If I get a new line of clothing that I like, I will email someone and send a picture to them”

It’s no wonder she has loyal repeat customers.

Spillane is now clearing space for an extensive line of jewelry, baby blankets, table runners, purses, candles and spa items, all lovingly created by juried artists. Starting September 2nd, eight local artists will sell their wares. Handmade by Locals will share space with Timeless Styles.

Timeless Styles is holding a clearance Sale: 50% to 70% off NOW through 8/13.

timeless stylesAmong, the stellar lineup whose work will be showcased include:

  • Margaret and Wayne Almon who design stain glass jewelry
  • C & L Trinkets and Treasures who create baby blankets
  • Adrienne Neszmelyi-Romano who is a metal-smith artist

Spillane encourages customers to come out and support them on September 2nd which is First Friday in Lansdale. There will be food and beverages available to enjoy.




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