SoudertonWe at MontCo Happening wanted to take this time to apologize to the towns of Souderton & Telford for not spreading the word sooner about how much these boroughs have to offer to area residents.  Although we’ve driven through many times in the past, we never actually explored the towns by foot or attempted to learn more about them.  It wasn’t until recently when we met with the Main Streets Manager, Pam Coleman, that we realized these towns are quite special and are home to a number unique businesses one wouldn’t find elsewhere in Montgomery County.

On a  late-summer afternoon, Montco Happening had the pleasure of meeting the Souderton Telford Main Streets Manager Pam Coleman in her Souderton office.  It was here that we learned these towns are actively being revitalized, with plans in the works for a major renovation of the Broad Theater.   At the same time, a focus has also been to preserve the historic character of the downtown areas.  In fact, Souderton/Teleford was named a “Classic Town of Greater Philadelphia,” one of only four in Montgomery County.

Classic Towns of Greater PhiladelphiaThe Souderton/Teleford area has an impressive history, spanning back to the times of the American Indian.  Once inhabited by the Lenape Tribe, the land was later purchased by William Penn and settled as a farming region.  Eventually, food processing facilities opened around town, many of which are operated by Mennonites whom still inhabit the area.   Today, a variety of independently owned business and restaurants make up the downtown areas.

Along our tour, we had the opportunity to visit some of these businesses that make Souderton great.  Our first stop was Caruso Brick Oven Trattoria, a restaurant serving up home-made Italian dishes in a warm dining atmosphere.  In need of a cup of joe, we headed over to Main Street Java, a local coffee shop located in the heart of Souderton.  Besides the friendly service there, we especially liked the fact that they served coffee from a neighboring local supplier called One Village CoffeeThe Local, another restaurant we visited, offered an original setting as it occupied the town’s old train station.  An interesting fact about this dining option is that the majority of its produce is grown locally, some of which can be seen growing right outside the front door – neat!

Later in the afternoon, we came across an interesting British themed establishment called Tilly Mint’s Tea Room.  As we had recently ingested coffee, we had to pass on the tea, but we still had a nice time chatting with the owner who was a true tea enthusiast.  We definitely plan on visiting again in the future as a proper high-noon tea sounds like an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.  Finally, we concluded our day in Souderton by visiting the Clay Rat Studio.  This shop in town offers a wide variety of fine art and crafts, most of which are the works of local artists.  Again, another great example of supporting local.

Overall, our final impression of Souderton was much better than expected. We look forward to visiting again and will be back in town on September 17th for the Univest Grand Prix, hope to see you there!

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