By Betsy Natter

Do you like to solve puzzles and work toward a challenging goal? Are you looking for a fun adventure activity to do with your family or a group of friends? Escape Room Mystery in King of Prussia may just be the answer.

Capitalizing on the increasing popularity of escape room venues, the local site opened this past summer with four adventures from which to choose. Using clues inside the room, everyone in the group must work together to solve puzzles, uncover new clues and find their way out. Participants are actually locked in a room with magnetic locks controlled by a keypad. When players correctly solve all the room’s puzzles and challenges they are able to exit the room using the keypad code.

Currently, the Escape Room Mystery is featuring adventures entitled “Revolution Spies,” where you must steal secrets from the British for George Washington, “The Laboratory,” where you must escape a mad scientist, escape “The Egyptian Tomb,” or join in family game night at your dead uncle’s “Billionaire’s Den.” Each adventure must be completed in one hour’s time. Don’t worry though, if you are unable to solve the puzzle, the staff does let you out. But for those who get out in record time, there are bragging rights.

Participation is for everyone age 16 and older. Children under 15 are required to have one paying adult participate in the group. The adventures are created by artists and designed to be very realistic spaces, enhanced with sound effects and lighting. In the case of an emergency or if someone needs to use the restroom, a push button can be used to exit the room, but participants are encourage to stay with their group for the entire time.

Booking discounts are offered if you book an entire adventures for a specific time slot, anywhere from 8 to 10 people, depending on the theme. For larger groups, such as corporate outings and team building events, the entire facility can be reserved by arranging a date with the staff.

Escape rooms have been growing in popularity over the last four years since the earliest ones were opened in the United States. The idea for the adventure was first developed in Asia and came from the many video and online games that required players to click on objects and gather clues in order to escape a virtual room. The Escape Room Mystery puts you on the scene and literally into the game. There may be as many as 1,500 sites operated by various companies currently throughout the country.

Escape Room Mystery is located at 840 1st Avenue, Suite 500, in King of Prussia, PA.

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