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Because the majority of Americans are overweight (greater than 60 percent) and many suffer from chronic medical conditions that are directly related to excess weight, the topic of weight loss continues to be a subject of keen interest. As the new year begins, many Americans are making weight loss their top priority, vowing to eat less and exercise more. But Dr. Michael Luciano, Board Certified in Family & Obesity Medicine, says that losing weight isn’t always simply a matter of will power.

“It’s more complex than eating less and exercising more,” he explains. “The reason obesity has been classified as a medical condition is because there are genetic, biologic, environmental, social, and behavioral factors. Understanding these contributing factors is important in recommending the proper treatment.


Tailoring a nutritional formula that focuses on the right amount of calories and breakdown of macronutrients  (protein, fat, and carbohydrates) is key to a successful program. However, that breakdown and the calorie numbers aren’t the same for everyone. Also, some patients require a little extra help, like vitamins, protein supplements, lipotropics (fat burning amino acid injections) , or medications. The key is to use the latest scientific evidence after a comprehensive history and physical to come up with the best treatment plan.

Once a plan is set in motion, the most important factor is altering the plan once the body changes. Overcoming a plateau in weight reduction requires an understanding of how the metabolism changes with weight loss.  “Exercise is a key factor to include after weight begins to drop,” says Dr. Luciano. “Metabolism will need a boost as it will naturally slow with significant weight reduction. A successful weight loss is one that is sustainable and is achieved through a nutrition plan that preserves muscle, burns fat, and fits the patient’s lifestyle.”

Approaching your doctor is the first step on the way to reaching your goal, but that conversation can seem intimidating or awkward. Dr. Luciano suggests asking what a healthy weight is for the patient and asking if the physician has suggestions for how the patient can reach that goal. He suggests looking for a physician who has additional certification in obesity medicine.

Dr. Luciano sought out that additional obesity training after growing frustrated with treating patients that have conditions related to weight that could be reversed. “My obesity medicine training coupled with a clinical background has helped many patients achieve what was once thought unattainable,” he says. “This is the most satisfying part of my day, changing the direction of their health.”

Improving  health is the most important reason for weight loss. Sure, it is great to look better, but vanity is not the most pressing issue when it comes to weight. “Getting to a healthy weight will improve and at times reverse many medical conditions,” says Dr. Luciano. “It is very rewarding to see a patient come off blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetic medications as they improve their diet. The majority of medical conditions are directly related to being overweight.”

Dr. Luciano’s sole target for his patients in the first month of treatment is maximal safe weight reduction, so that his patients see results. Those results act as motivation for staying on track.. “The goal is to have the physiology of the body change resulting in  decreased cravings and appetite, increased energy, improving mood, sleep, and overall inflammation. “The body will begin to crave this newer healthier state” says Dr. Luciano. “This new invigorating feeling enables patients to continue on their successful weight loss journey. Knowing they are capable of obtaining results is empowering.”

That strategy has worked for Victoria Arnold, Bucks & Montco Happening’s 2015 Ultimate Makeover Winner, who has dropped 25 lbs in just one month on Dr. Luciano’s Weight Loss Program.

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