Montco Happening is proud to feature the work of Randi Rentz. The local teacher, resident, and breast cancer survivor has turned what was once an unimaginable diagnosis into a message of hope and strength for all of us to hear. We hope that you take the time to read her monthly articles for daily inspiration. Montco Happening would like to thank Randi for all the work that she does for cancer patients and families in and around our community. Swing by her website to learn more about her mission!
April’s Shining Moments
Written by Randi Rentz

While going through chemo, I was determined to find a Shining Moment daily, whether it was big or small. I kept telling myself over and over again that I just wanted to be happy. During my chemo days, trying to dins happiness was really though. I mean, REALLY tough. I was thinking about happiness the other day as I was looking through my cancer journal. This is what I found:

Being happy means seeing the rain drops on the petals, knowing that it is the rain that makes them so beautiful.

Being happy means having a conversation with a friend whom I’ve missed.randi

Being happy means touching the lives of people we don’t know in ways we will never imagine.

Being happy means learning something new every day.

Being happy means finding Shining Moments on the darkest of days.

Being happy means laughing (hard!) every, single day.

Being happy means being mindful.

Being happy means taking a deep breath.

Being happy means caring for yourself.

Being happy means listening.

Happiness is waiting for you.  All you have to do is look for it, which I hope that you do!

For more information, go to Randi Rentz’s blog, and read more about Randi and her inspiring entries. 

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