If you are a feline enthusiast you will want to check out this event this weekend!


Saturday 9AM to 4PM – Sunday 9AM to 3PM
$6.00 adults, $5.00 seniors and children…under 10 free.
Bring a food donation for the rescue kitties for $1.00 off admission.

The National Birman Fanciers Fall Frolic CFA Cat Show will be Featuring cats from far and near: Magnificent cats with long flowing coats such as the Persian, the “slinky” breeds like the Siamese, Abyssinian and Oriental Shorthair. The Selkirk Rex with it’s curly coat, the Sphynx (a hairless cat) and the gentle giant Maine Coon.

You will not want to miss their featured breed…the Sacred cat of Burma. In addition to this pedigreed cats, there will be a household pet division featuring mixed breed domestic cats in fierce competition for “Best in Show”.

There will be cats and kittens looking for their “forever home”,  rescue kitties and lots of people to answer your questions on grooming, nutrition, cat care…anything cat related. This event will feature a great raffle, vendors with all your cats desires, wonderful cat treats at a great price for sale on our club table. Come meet and PET some super friendly Ambassador Cats and take your picture with Hermione, the 6 foot “Birman”…A fun day for all !!! 

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