It’s a family affair as young athletes achieve huge success during treatment at Conshohocken Physical Therapy. One of our top priorities at CPT has always been earning our patients’ word of mouth referrals by providing the best care possible. In fact, we have come to rely on our past patients’ referrals as a primary source of our practice’s ongoing growth. The Slagle and Thompson families are a perfect example of this. In previous years, Jean Thompson had such success with her treatment at CPT that she raved to her family about the care she received. When her Grandson, Teddy, injured his elbow while pitching years later, she made sure he came to CPT for the rehabilitation needed before and after his Tommy John surgery. Similarly, her Granddaughter, Caroline, also injured her hip while playing field hockey which required surgical repair; her rehab was also completed at CPT. On many occasions, Teddy and Caroline received “family physical therapy” sessions and completed their individual programs simultaneously (sometimes their Grandmom, Jean, was also completing her independent fitness routine here at the same time)– a truly family centered approach!

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Caroline and Teddy Slagle

Another important priority during treatment is to keep open communication with the other health professionals involved in our patients’ care. The Slagle’s surgeons both practice in other states (NY and FL); however, the communication with regards to their post-surgical protocols, treatment progressions, and return to sport remain open via regular faxes, emails, and even texts with family members and physician offices. This open communication has enabled smooth transitions through Teddy and Caroline’s recoveries, with all of their questions and concerns being answered quickly. After working hand in hand with the surgeons trusted by the Slagle family, the progress for the Slagle’s continues. Teddy is beginning to regain strength and resume a return-to-throwing-protocol and Caroline is expected to resume field hockey with her team this season.

Our approach with patients of all ages is not only to provide treatment, but to educate them throughout the treatment process about their condition, diagnosis, prognosis, treatments and general health/wellness. Serious injuries and training misconceptions among our young athletes are growing more prevalent everyday. The young athlete has special needs in their training and rehabilitation of injuries; we make sure to discuss these topics with the patients and parents to prevent future problems.

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With sincere gratitude, we thank Jean and all of our other past patients who continue to entrust the Conshohocken Physical Therapy team with their own care, in addition to the care for their families and friends! We will continue to provide the highest level of physical therapy you each deserve!


This article was brought to you by Desirea D. Caucci, PT, DPT, OCS, Co-owner of Conshohocken Physical Therapy, Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. Stay tuned for more blogs from the team of dedicated professionals at CPT! 


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