The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society is proud to announce a new initiative called Harvest 2020. Harvest 2020 was created to address the more than 11% of households in the Greater Philadelphia region that are food insecure – this means access to healthy, fresh food is a daily problem – and it’s a number we expect to double as a result of the current pandemic. Harvest 2020 is a call to action. We want to mobilize 100,000 people to grow and share food, and we’re here to make your commitment as easy as possible. You can make a pledge to Harvest 2020 in one of three ways:

  • Be a grower who grows food for yourself and your family at home
  • Be a sharer who commits to donating the food you grow to neighbors in your community
  • Or be a donor who supports our team’s Harvest 2020 efforts

We invite you to join us today! For more information on Harvest 2020 and to make a pledge as a Grower, Sharer, or Donor, visit and PHS will help you get started. 

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