When dining out becomes more than just satisfying your appetite. When the destination offers a culinary experience founded on creativity, passion and knowledge. When you walk through the doors and are welcomed like family, that’s when you’ll find yourself sitting inside the exquisite dining room of Jenkintown’s Forcella Restaurant. Offering our residents a vibrant new menu coupled with an elegant decor and outstanding customer service, the 18 seat, cozy BYOB is quickly becoming one of Montgomery County’s most charming small restaurants!

At 33 years old, Bruce Anthony Alfero has combined his culinary vision and years of restaurant experience to breath new life into Forcella restaurant. The new owner and long time poker pro believes not just in connecting with the ingredients used to create Forcella’s scratch made dishes, but also in connecting with the very customers who come in to experience them. With the help of chef and co-owner Esther Kwak, the culinary duo is able to provide an unforgettable dining experience through an ever evolving menu based on fresh, local ingredients. Guests to Forcella will feel inspired by the restaurants colorful displays of seasonal fare being served with each dish. The food here is expertly prepared and every bit as welcoming as the restaurant itself!

Originally from White Plains, NY, Bruce Alfero was adopted into an Italian-American family where he was surrounded by old world recipes, fresh ingredients and the love for learning how to prepare them. Working through the ranks of the restaurant business, Bruce soon found himself with more than 11 years of experience that spanned every aspect of fine dining. From “front of the house” operations to implementing dishes, creating new menus, hand picking ingredients and overseeing multiple kitchens, his resume is as well rounded as the dishes his restaurant now serves. Although the restaurant business had always been a part of Bruce’s life, his first and most lucrative career was that of a professional poker player. His skill for playing cards dealt Bruce a huge amount of success on the poker circuit. However, with the restaurant business deep seated in his veins, and a culinary master looking for a place to spread her wings, the emerging poker star traded in his chips for the chance to share ownership and operations at Forcella restaurant with Esther.

Forcella Owners Bruce Alfero & Esther Kwak

Forcella Owners Bruce Alfero & Esther Kwak

Providing a wealth of culinary knowledge, techniques and classical preparation as chef and co-owner, Esther Kwak has been an integral part of Forcella’s launch and new found success. As a student of Walnut Hill College Restaurant School and a long time cook, Esther has poured her heart and soul into Forcella’s culinary identity. The result has yielded innovative, honest, and emotional dishes that anyone can hold a deep appreciation for.

What you should immediately know about Bruce and Esther is that they aren’t trying to serve hundreds of tables every night at Forcella, their mission is to do just the opposite! The young, yet already wise owners believe in keeping their approach to dining small and personal. Through their beliefs of what customer service should be, they are proudly giving Montco families a detail oriented atmosphere that can be seen in both the food and service provided. Whether you’re a repeat diner or visiting the restaurant for the very first time, you will always be treated like family at Forcella restaurant.

The two local residents are now serving stunning examples of how simple, fresh ingredients can be combined to create complex dishes bursting with flavor, and our community is eating it up! Although the food at Forcella is impressive enough to stand on its own, when you couple that food with friendly, welcoming service, the end product is a dining experience that our county deserves to know about.
textgram_1464021177Both Bruce, Esther, and their small staff of chef’s enjoy getting to know all of their guests on a first name basis and in doing so, have made their window-front restaurant one of the most welcoming and comfortable foodie locations to visit in Montco. Whether you’re on a date, having a private event, or just have an appreciation and passion for incredible food, Forcella is exactly where you and your taste buds need to be! The restaurant is now shining proof that going “all in” on your passion and beliefs is more than worth the risk.

Private Events & Celebrations 

In addition to dinner, Forcella is an ideal spot in our area to host your next private event! Whether it’s dinner for a bachelorette party, bridal shower, baby shower, reception dinner, birthday or graduation party, the entire team at Forcella will work with you step by step to make sure every little detail is covered.
Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 4.31.51 AMForcella’s chefs will even help you create a personal, dynamic menu that will specifically cater to the  needs of you and your guests. They aim to provide you with the most personal experience possible when hosting your special celebrations, and will be happy to help adjust decor, lighting, create custom menus, and provide an ambiance to match your taste and style.

This unique and warming restaurant has so much positive to bring our community and the families who reside in it! Forcella’s growing success is all thanks to two passionate owners who have combed their talents to create a dining experience deserving of our local communities attention, and pallets! Want to see a preview of their food for yourself? Check out the photo gallery below to get an idea of what you can expect the next you decide to dine out at Forcella!

Don’t forget to check out their website by clicking here, and be sure to follow Forcella BYOB Jenkintown on Facebook. The next time you’re in Jenkintown, or if you’re looking for a new great spot to dine out in Montgomery County, make Forcella your first destination. If you enjoy eating great food with friends as much as we do, we know you won’t regret it!

Forcella Photo Gallery!


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