It’ll be the best time you’ll have on Zoom all year … and it’s for a great cause! Join the R.J. Leonard Foundation for its virtual gala Heart for Change: Together in Heart on Friday October 9th from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The R.J. Leonard Foundation (RJLF) works with young adults aging out of the foster care system in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, offering them financial support as needed for education, transportation and social/cultural needs. Most importantly, however, RJLF is a mentorship program. The young adults connected with the program – Fellows – are matched with adults in their community. Together, the Fellows and Mentors work to make possible the Fellows’ career and educational goals, while fostering a lifelong relationship.

Through mentorship, RJLF works to disprove the statistics about youth aging out of the foster care system. Statistics that say only 3% will graduate from college; 20% will experience homelessness; and 49% of youth aging out of foster care will do so without a connection to family.

“RJLF really does help you pursue whatever it is you’re passionate about. I have also always felt safe being able to communicate and problem solve with them. It’s a truly special and non-judgmental zone and relationship. RJLF is a family to me, and I to them,” reflects one Fellow.

In the 11 years since RJLF’s inception, the Foundation has worked with 25 young adults as they have striven to earn their degrees and move onto fulfilling and financially freeing careers. Help this inspiring non-profit continue their work by donating and/or joining them at their virtual gala Heart for Change: Together in Heart. The one-hour event will include testimonials from Fellows, entertainment and access to a live and silent auction.

The R.J. Leonard Foundation knows that with the right resources, help and caring, every story – no matter how it starts – can end in success.

To purchase tickets or make a donation, visit

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