Autumn is the perfect season to set up your next family photo shoot. Mild temperatures and colorful foliage happening right before the busy holiday season make it the perfect time to capture family photos. However, we know that family photoshoots, especially with pets and children involved, aren’t always an easy task. We have compiled a list of tips and tricks to keep everyone happy, plus local photography resources and locations in Montgomery County to help you update those picture frames around the house, and prepare to order your holiday cards.

Book Your Photographer

Every photographer has their own style, so it’s important to pick which style suits you the most. Some opt for light and airy, while others favor dark and moody. If you don’t already have a photographer that you use and love, it’s best to do your research before hiring the first business that pops up on your Google search. Referrals from someone you trust is a great idea, and if you’re still looking – our Happening List can help. The Happening List features photographers voted among the best in the area.

2023 Happening List Winner for Photographer: Ashley Kristen Photography

2023 Happening List Winner for Children’s Photographer: Dalia M. Olson Photography

Choose Your Location

There is no shortage of beauty in Montgomery County, but especially during the autumn season, you really can’t go wrong no matter where you take your photos. Whether that be in the streets of a quaint borough, among the beautiful parks, or even in your own backyard – choose a spot that works for you and your family, where you feel comfortable. If you’re looking for location ideas, here are a few suggestions:

  • Green Lane Park (Happening List Winner for Nature Spot)

  • Evansburg State Park

  • Norristown Farm Park

  • Curtis Arboretum

The Outfits

One of, if not the most daunting task, is choosing and coordinating outfits. Instead of having the entire group wear the same color, try to select a color palette with a couple of colors that complement each other and have everyone select something from there. Pinterest is a great resource for finding color palette inspiration. You may already have something in your closet, but if you need to grab something new, check out one of these spots:

  • The Mens and Boys Store (Happening List Winner for Men’s Clothing)

  • By Grace Alone (Happening List Winner for Women’s Clothing)

  • Laurel’s Loft (Happening List Winner for Thrift Shop)

When all is said and done, remember not to stress too much and try to enjoy, even amidst the chaos. No matter what happens, or how the photos turn out, you will cherish them forever. It’s so easy to get caught up in our busy lives. Slowing down, dressing up and taking photos as a family is something you will never regret.

Check Out the Happening List for More Local Resources

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