November 5th, December 3rd, March 11th… Do these dates sound familiar? Well they have been haunting many high school students. They are the looming the dates of the SAT tests for the 2022/23 school year. Thankfully, plenty of local SAT prep courses are right at your fingertips, and some of the best ones are right on your computer screens.

With the click of a button, thousands of SAT prep courses paint our computer screens. But, like every painting, each program has its flaws: too long, too short, too expensive, etc. So, yet again, the dreadful SAT creates more stress. But before your teen begins shedding a tear, throwing a fit, or losing their minds, let it be known that saving is right around the corner. Or down the street, depending on how far you are from the Northampton Public Library.

The Robinhood of SAT Tutoring

Every Wednesday from 6:45 to 8:00, Council Rock South Senior David Chanin leads a group of students in a free SAT prep course at the library, which he calls DNA tutoring, standing for “David and Amigos”. The tutoring service started last year after David took his SAT. He wanted to help out a friend who couldn’t afford the same program he had enrolled in. “I had signed myself up for one of those super expensive SAT programs,” says Chanin, “…as I was going through it my score was going up and all, but I just felt there was no reason a program like that should be blocked by a massive price. Everyone deserves help.”

The service works like this: each meeting is centered around a new portion of the test. Chanin prints out practice exams for each student, and after they complete their portion, they go over the section as a group, completing the meeting within 2 hours.

Although Chanin can not control what his students do outside of his meetings, he urges them to continue studying at home as well. Chanin works with each student individually to find the best plan for them according to their schedule. He also offers one on one tutoring for those interested in pursuing their scores further. All tutoring is free of charge.

DNA Tutoring Soars to Success

From a program that started in his basement when the library was booked, to one with a definite location, time, and full class size, DNA tutoring is proving to be growing by the minute. With students who started out with a score of 1200 to now having scores like 1480 and 1520, Chanin is successfully improving their scores without emptying their pockets.

So, when helping your teen take their next step towards their future, remember that they have tons of options to help them succeed in their goals, and it’s important that they choose the one best fitting for them. Chanin provides a personalized program that fits the schedule and needs of your student, without a high price. Maybe, the picture-perfect SAT prep program does exist after all.

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Montgomery County

Y2 Academy:

One of the popular SAT prep courses in the area is Y2 Academy, known for its score guarantee. The program guarantees a 320-point increase or a minimum score of 1520. Students who do not achieve this after the program, have the opportunity to continue the program, free of tuition until they do so. The locations in pa include: Levittown, North Wales and Paoli.


$4,800 for in person

$1,800 for online

Bucks County

Roman Tutoring

Located in Newtown, Roman Tutoring is known to have increased many students scores over the past 17 years. With specialized techniques and personable tutors, Roman Tutoring has succeeded in test prep since 2005. The tutoring is offered one on one weekly for 60 minutes, or in a group class weekly for 90 minutes, dependent upon preference.

Cost: Group : 8 weeks-$799, 12 weeks-$1,199, 24 weeks-$2,199

1:1 : $145 per session


MJ Test Prep:

MJ Test Prep, located in Bryn Mawr and Chesnut Hill, is a prep course filled with opportunities. With a wide variety of one-on-one tutors and extensive group sessions, MJ test prep has a lot to offer. Group sessions vary between week-long boot camps or curriculums based around preparing for a certain date. These courses provide many days of practice leading up to the test date. Dates and times are all dependent upon which course you decide on.


1-Week Boot Camp: $1,095

Group Sessions: $3,885

1:1 Tutoring: $240-400 depending on the tutor



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