Everything is coming up ROZES!!! Montco Happening recently had the chance to sit down for a one on one interview with music sensation, North Penn graduate and Montgomeryville resident, LizBeth Mencel, aka ROZES. If your not familiar with the name right now, just turn on your radio and listen to her first hand. With an unmistakable voice and talent that has only just begun to bloom, the local young artist has erupted onto the music scene. Her most recent collaboration with the NYC based duo the Chainsmokers resulted in the completion of “Roses”, her first smash single. The newly released song climbed to #7 on the Billboard charts, is the 5th  most downloaded song on iTunes, was signed by Columbia records, and has literally reached millions of music lovers around the world. In fact, as we were driving to interview ROZES at a local coffee shop in North Wales, the very song that helped her become an overnight sensation came on the radio!

Although ROZES has only just begun her professional career, the love and admiration for her music has already grabbed attention from fans, followers, and big name celebrities. Justin Beiber was quoted as saying, “Roses is my favorite song on the radio right now”! The two even met recently while she was working in LA. Taking his affinity for everything ROZES one step further, Justin performed his own version of  “Roses” at a telecast fundraising concert. Award winning actress Kate Hudson posted an Instagram pic where gives a shout out to ROZES, and the young artist recently performed on the Late Late Show with her partners in crime, the Chainsmokers. The notoriety, support and love for her music continues to grow each day and a slew of famous celebrities have followed suit with an onslaught of praise for her unique sound, style and message.

The Chainsmokers & ROZES

The Chainsmokers & ROZES

ROZES voice has ripped the doors off conventional, bringing a soulful breath of fresh air to millions of open ears. With a perfect balance of power and grace the 22 year old artist has set herself apart from the crowd with a voice that is unmistakably unique. But when that talent is coupled with creative lyrics that are honest and real?! Well it explains her new found and much deserved success. When asked how she would characterize her sound, ROZES replied, “I’d consider it to be a mixture of jazz, blues and soul…all wrapped into one”. No matter how you characterize it, there’s no question you will recognize it! The girl who once snuck into local bars in and around Montgomery County to play her music is now performing on a massive scale. At such a young age she has only begun to show her full colors, and music lovers everywhere are eager to see what’s next!

Photo Courtesy of Charles Thorpe

Photo Courtesy of Charles Thorpe

Music has been a part of ROZES life from a very early age. Her mother and father exposed her growing young ears to an enormous array of musical influences, none more than jazz! In addition to her parents, ROZES was deeply influenced by her grandmother Rose. She was a constant force in her life and may have been the biggest jazz lover in the family. Out of respect, love and admiration, LizBeth adopted the name Rose, but with her own personal twist! Although she’s young both in age and heart, LizBeth has been through her share of trials, tragedies and triumphs. Being bullied as a kid, finding it hard to “fit in”, feelings of self doubt, heartaches, heartbreaks and sadness. No matter what life threw at LizBeth she always turned to music as a healthy escape. At a moments notice she would take the pen to the paper and write, and as her life experiences grew so too did her voice. For that reason, ROZES music is not only about her life….it is her life! It’s a direct reflection of the struggles that she has overcome, and for the one’s that soon lie ahead. She is an artist who expresses her soul, her thoughts, her emotions, all of it through her lyrics. Now on a world stage in front of millions, its clear that her listeners can identify with each and every word.

ROZES with Justin Beiber

ROZES with Justin Beiber

ROZES draws her inspirations from singers and songwriters like Adele, Amy Winehouse, Odesza, Sarah Bareilles, Lana Del Rey, Fleetwood Mac and Gwen Stefani just to name a few. Her two older brothers have also had an enormous amount of influence on her life and continue to do so to this day. Older brother Paul acts as manager to the young superstar while Pat helps his little sister write and create lyrics. As musicians of the band Bel Heir, their wisdom and experiences within the music industry have proved instrumental in helping ROZES stay focused in what can be a very distracting environment. Having her brothers there to support her while she’s working in Los Angeles is something she will never take for granted, she can’t imagine doing it without them. In the world of artists, agents, money and music, it’s all about the company you keep. True to her values and beliefs, ROZES has surrounded herself with an amazing cast of supporting friends and family.


Growing up, LizBeth enjoyed playing a lot of sports, soccer being one of her favorites. She also spent a lot of time surfing and wake boarding at their family house in the Poconos. Although it was clear that she was very talented physically, her vocal cords were what made her stand out in a big way. It didn’t take long for her to realize that nothing came more naturally to her than the gift of music. Without it, ROZES explained she has difficulty focusing as well as managing her own thoughts and feelings. However, when the music comes on everything in ROZES life slows down and she feels right inside. The heartaches, sadness, insecurities, shyness, all a distant memory when she’s performing, and it shows! Before going on stage ROZES explained that she gets butterflies in her stomach, but once she sings that first note the young artist feels right at home.

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When most kids here age were learning how to walk, ROZES was learning how to play the guitar. Her parents started her early and supported her through every phase of her music career. They never pushed music on her or made it a mandatory practice, they only supported her own personal choices and gave her the room she needed to grow. So much of who she is and the woman she has become is thanks to her parents. With a grandmother who loved jazz, a mother and a father who were musicians, and two older brothers who play in their own signed band, LizBeth was essentially born into a world of family, friends, love and music.

While at North Penn High School, LizBeth participated and excelled in all of her music courses. ROZES will be the first one to admit that she was a less than exemplary student in other subjects, but when it came to music there was no challenge she couldn’t overcome. By constantly surrounding herself with music, the very thing she loves, LizBeth was able to refine her voice into the unique sound it has become today. In 5th grade she traveled to Italy with the Cantabile Children’s Choir where they placed 3rd among some of the best schools in the world. As she progressed into high school, ROZES became heavily involved in the music program at North Penn High School and gives a ton of credit to her band teacher Mr. Neu for helping her develop her sound over the years. In addition, ROZES participated in high school jazz classes, theater group and was a chamber singer as well. By the 10th grade, LizBeth found the music to be a bit on the easy side so she started challenging herself by playing the clarinet. It wasn’t long before she became fluent not only on the clarinet but also on the guitar, saxophone, piano, violin, flute and trumpet. ROZES graduated with her Associates degree from Montgomery County Community College but chose not to continue on to a four year degree after a full year at Temple University. She decided to follow her heart, and the decision has been life changing. The young artist is now doing what she loves while helping so many in the process!
rozes 2When she’s not touring, recording or writing, the Montgomeryville native enjoys just hanging out with friends, going to concerts with her brothers, spending quality time with her family and their dog “Duke Ellington”. The self proclaimed animal lover admits that she has an unusual fascination with kangaroos, dinosaurs and elephants, and admits her guilty pleasure is watching Make-Up Tutorials on YouTube. She is as down to earth and friendly as they come, just your average girl with a far from average voice. A huge part of ROZES strength also comes from her boyfriend Brendan who has been traveling and supporting her throughout the entire roller coaster ride that is the beginning of her bright career.

ROZES claims that she is her own worst enemy, her biggest critic, and that that side of her personality has helped push her to become not the best singer or songwriter she can be, but the best person. She has helped raise support, funds and awareness for victims of mental health issues and has always found a way to give back to our troops!  The ability for her music to help people is exactly what she love most about singing. It’s what keeps her going day in and day out.
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After making multiple trips back and forth to LA, ROZES plans to move to California permanently with the company of her boyfriend Brendan and two older brothers. Although she will always miss the season changes here in Montgomery County, the young artists can never stay away from home for long. ROZES continues to write and release new songs and the reaction has been more than amazing, proof that the young artists and her rosebud fans are here to stay! Some of her latest songs include, Fragile, Burn Wild, R U Mine and Everything, all which can be found on SoundCloud. ROZES will also be playing right here in Philadelphia on February 6th at The Boot & Saddle! Follow the local young superstar on FB at ROZES, and visit her website for more information on upcoming releases and tour dates. Montco Happening would like to thank ROZES for taking the time to sit and chat with us. With her new level of popularity, we could never have imagined speaking with a more down to earth, humble and kind person!

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