An INDIEGOGO campaign begins today for DK the gig, a comedic web series about a musician whose ego is much larger than the restaurant stage he performs on every weekend. An esteemed cast from the TV, Film and Music industries has been assembled for the series, which was created by Ardmore-based musician Darren Keith, who is the show’s writer, executive producer, and composer. He also plays it’s lead character, DK.

The series will be shot by legendary Hollywood Cinematographer Barry Markowitz, known for his work on such acclaimed movies as the Oscar-winning Crazy Heart, Sling Blade, All The Pretty Horses and The Apostle, as well as Rob Reiner’s last 3 movies. Markowitz became a fan of the show after seeing DK the gig’s Pilot Episode, which was literally the first script Keith had ever written, and told Keith he wanted to be involved with the show moving forward. From there, Keith brought in Producer Jill Gould (who splits her time between NY and Philly) and together they have assembled a cast that includes actors Charlene Amoia (How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Dexter, House, Bones, NCIS, The Young And The Restless),Stephen Graybill (HBO’s Big Little Lies, Law And Order, All My Children, As The World Turns), and Brooke Totman (MADtv, The Benefits Of Gusbandry, King Of Queens), as well as  musicians Joseph Arthur (Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter), Pete Donnely (The Figgs, NRBQ, Shelby Lynne), and Fred Berman (Amos Lee).

A professional drummer and singer/songwriter who has played with countless local and national artists throughout his 25-plus-year career, Keith had never acted or even written a script prior to creating DK the gig, a fact that did not deter him from confronting his lifelong dream of doing something professionally with his sense of humor, a dream that had gnawed at him for most of his life. The overwhelming response to DK the gig’s Pilot episode, which he released in 2016, not only confirmed that he had made the right decision, but that the series could have a very bright future. According to Keith, “having so many people tell me that DK the gig should be on HBO or Netflix, etc., made it an easy decision to move the show forward and take it to the next level, which is what we’re doing right now.”

The show’s goal is to raise at least $30,000 through it’s campaign, which will help cover some the show’s many production expenses.

After reaching it’s goal, DK the gig will shoot it’s “First Season” of episodes in a variety of locations both in and outside of Philadelphia. 

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