From wearable art to cherished pieces for your home, Montgomery County is teeming with up-and-coming and seasoned artists alike creating pieces for every taste and style. Easy access to sophisticated, unique, and fine art by incredible artists is just another element of what makes Montco stand out. The best part- these makers are local! Check out and support your neighboring creators. Here’s just a taste of what you can find right in your own backyard.

2022 Winner: Harry Boardman

Harry Boardman is a landscape painter, obsessed with skies, trees, rolling fields, barns and industrial sites. He lives and works in a former 1901 cigar factory in Souderton with his wife Heather (also an artist) and his dog, Crusher. Most of his work is done in oil pastels, but he also paints in oils and draws in ink. You can find find his work on Facebook and Instagram at @harryboardmanart.

A Painter Who Tattoos

Steve Martin

Steve Martin is a recognized and award-winning American artist with a 19 year career in exhibiting his art, as well as curating for galleries. He operates Black Moth in Ardmore, PA, which exhibits a wide range of contemporary art all year. He is a painter, tattoer, and adventurer who has traveled throughout the Americas and Europe, working on learning cultural values and aesthetics from a wide range of influences.

Voice Actor

Chris Lucas

Chris Lucas is a voice actor with a voice that has the ability to range from warm and lighthearted to deep and dark. He has an early 20’s something to late 50’s range with alpha male baritone modulation. You can listen to his voice demos on his website.

Photo from Chris Lucas’ Facebook Page


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