by Erin McNelis

The stores have spoken. It is back-to-school time again. Whether you are ready for the bell to ring or you wish the summer could stretch just a little longer, it is time to start preparing. This guide will help you whether this is your first time leading a little one to the bus stop or a seasoned pro.

How to prepare:
Ease back into the school year routine. Getting ready for school isn’t just about shopping. Set an earlier bedtime and start implementing it two weeks early in order to make it a habit.

Choose a few quick and healthy breakfast options ahead of time so you aren’t rushing to find food the morning of the big day. That way, you won’t be tempted to skip the most important meal of the day. Research suggests that children (and adults) who eat breakfast perform better throughout the day.

Take the kids shopping for their list of school supplies. It might seem like a hassle to include the kids but letting them make decisions like folder color and marker brand goes a long way towards easing some first-day jitters and making them feel like a part of the process.

If clothing shopping is needed (and who’s kid hasn’t outgrown everything?) consider shopping at one of the areas thrift shops before hitting the local big box store or the mall. Gently used clothing costs less and can help us keep it out of the landfills. Check below for a list of shops in the area.

Talk about what your child can expect on the first day. Talk about how exciting school is and how much they will learn. Make it sound fun.
Ask questions about how they feel about school starting, and then honor those feelings. Take them seriously, and your child will know that you understand and that you have their back.

Consider holding a rehearsal for the first day of school. Go through your family’s morning routine so everyone (including grown-ups) will know what to expect. We are always more confident when we know what to expect.

Grab a back to school Bargain with Thrift Shops

Animal Lifeline Thrift Shop
1111 Easton Road, Warrington

Pooh’s Corner Consignment
1314 Eaton Road, Abington, PA

Plato’s Closet
921 Bethlehem Pike, Montgomeryville, PA

Kids Sweet Repeats
Newtown Square, PA 

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