In honor of “National Love Your Pet Day”, we wanted to help put the spotlight on the animals that make your lives a little bit better each day. We asked that our animal lover fans send in a picture of their favorite pets along with a short description and the response was awesome. Our happening readers sent in the pics, and we created the photo gallery. All of these animals deserve some fame for the positive differences they bring out in us each and every day, and we’re happy to help you give it to them. Hope you enjoy and that your animals don’t get too full of themselves after they’ve seen their spread! Thank you to everyone who sent in their entries, we appreciate and admire all our fellow animal lovers in Montgomery County!


Sammy & Stella
This is Sammy & Stella, who live in Royersford with their parents, Tish & Sean and new baby brother Liam!

Topenga, Duchess & Bennie

These are my animals, the destroyers of all things. For real, are you looking for more pets? I could kill them today! But I guess I can write nice things….I have had Bennie for 5 years. He loves cuddling, wine and sneak attacking his sisters. He takes the “Alpha” role in the house. Topanga is 9 months and very sweet. She was a stray in the Cayman Islands and saved by Island Puppy Rescue. She loves playing in the river and covering people with kisses. Duchess is the devil.”
Sent in by Marissa Weber

jumping puppies

Topenga & Duchess

topie yawning




Maverick & Charlie
This is Maverick and his sister Charlie. Maverick & Charlie are both rescue chow mixes. We got Mav when he was 2 ½ stray and Charlie just joined us this past summer, Mav is 4 yrs old and Charlie is 8 months old. My 9 yr old picked both names in honor of his favorite movie Top Gun. They love to play and wrestle all day! By the way… we took about 100 photos of them outside of our house near Philly, PA to get 1 good shot for our Christmas card! We love our rescue pups!


Fluffy, Harley and Pudge-Pudge
Sent in by Tracy Jaworski 
West Norriton-20140217-02222 IMG-20131002-01952
“This is Eli, otherwise known as Houdini. He outsmarts us all the time. The other day he escaped from a locked car and followed me into Home Depot. Plus he’s the friendliest dog you could imagine. I rescued him when he was 2 and now he’s 7.”
Sent by Rebecca Simon
dog 1

This is Colby from Lansdale. He likes long walks on the beach (really!) and eating cat food. He’s a total lap dog and still acts like a puppy at age 7. Fun fact: his full name is Stephen Colbert! Here’s a shot of him running through the woods in Cape Cod on Thanksgiving….with Trisha Flood Kin.
From Kelley King 

dog 2

Lida B. Jayne, Hooch & Lilly
First is Lida B. Jayne, (BullMastiff). Had her since she was 7 weeks old until she passed. Best and most lovable creature… Especially had a love for all children. People who didn’t like dogs loved her! She was not a dog, but a sibling to my children, 3/30/2006 – 4/1/2013. Second is Hooch – rescued him on 4/18/2013. He was about 8 months old with a body covered in mange and malnourished. People gasped when they saw him. Not now!! He’s still a growing pup and we are almost to the finish line with the mange. We will keep fattening him up! Third is Lilly, (aka Bobbi Sue @ DogTown). We just found a beautiful girl to add to our family. She is getting along well with Hooch and we will be finalizing the adoption soon! We will be fattening her up with Hooch!
From Denise McNerney

dog 3 dog 4 dog 5

Riley and Franklin
Riley is a 12 year old Beagle who doesn’t howl…thank god, and during his younger days he helped work and train other aggressive dogs into being more well balanced pack members. Now in his senior days, Riley has become the official mascot of Montco Happening. That is when he’s not sleeping on the job or sniffing for crumbs. He tends to be too smart for our own good, but i have never met a more gentle hearted animal in my life. On the opposite side of the spectrum is his 1 year old adopted brother and arch nemesis, Franklin. We got Franklin as a rescue from Philadelphia, and since then his sole purpose in life has been to terrorize Riley, and eat plastic. It’s a strange household, and they’re the oddest couple around, yet somehow it works and we love them just the same.
From J.C. Sager & Melissa Cahill
ri and frank


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