Organic bakery in Lansdale PA

A picture we took from inside Virago Cafe

My fiance and I wanted to grab a coffee this past Sunday, so we took a trip into Lansdale to try a new place that we have been hearing a lot about. Virago Baking Company is an all natural bakery cafe located in the heart of Lansdale, PA. Virago serves only Gluten Free, Vegan (No dairy, No Eggs, No Animal products) and classic European style, baked goods like cookies, cakes, and pastries. They use local and organic ingredients as much as possible. I’ve been on an organic & dairy-free kick for a few months now, so I’ve really wanted to try something at Virago.

Virago Baking Company is located right on Main Street in Lansdale. We parked on the street (no need to feed the meters on Sunday) and headed inside. I have to say, Virago Baking Company is a nice place. Shannon and I enjoyed ourselves. After going over the menu and looking inside their pastry case reviewing all of our options, Shannon went with a fresh-brewed iced tea and a banana bread mini pie, while I went with an organic coffee and peanut butter cookie. We also decided to try a gluten free cinnamon pastry which was quite good. We took our seat by the window and sat and talked for almost an hour.

Shannon and I both really enjoyed our trip to Virago Baking Company. The food was very good and the atmosphere was perfect for us. Very low key. We want to go back for one of their many live concerts. Musicians come to Virago to play free shows for the local community. It sounds like a great time. Live music. Good people. Delicious Food. What more can we ask for right here in our own backyards?

If you’re looking to grab a coffee or espresso at a great local cafe definitely stop by Virago Baking Company. For all of you parents out there with children who can’t eat Gluten, they can still enjoy delicious desserts! Virago Baking Company of Lansdale has your back. Show your support for local businesses in Montgomery County, stop by Virago Baking Company sometime soon. You’ll enjoy it!


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