Winter has brought it’s fair share of snow to the roads and side streets of Montgomery County, and with that snow comes tons upon tons of salt. Obviously the de-icing service is a blessing when it comes to our safety in a winter storm. However, the salt can also be hazardous and painful to our four legged friends so it’s important to take the right steps to ensure they don’t get sick or injured this winter. The sodium chloride used on our local streets is often mixed with other compounds, sometimes metals, and varies greatly from the table salt found in our kitchen. Even on a short winter walk, the salt is able to quickly dry out the pads on your pups boots Most dogs typically experience a burning sensation, similar to what it feels like for us to have chapped lips. Imagine that, but on your feet! Additionally, some dogs will naturally lick and clean their paws after being walked so if they are covered with street salt it can cause serious illness if ingested.

You can guarantee your dogs comfort this winter by doing a couple of different things. The first option would be to wipe down their paws after a long walk on streets that have been salted. A little bit of soap and water goes a long way, or even a wet nap will do the job. This will bring some much needed moisture back to their pads, and they will be thankful for it….we hope! For salting around your home, Pet Friendly Snow Salt can be found at most pet stores, pharmacy’s and some grocery stores as well. All you have to do is look for the “Pet or Eco Friendly” label on the package to know you have the right product. Not only are these Pet Friendly ice melters safe for everyone, but they work just as well as the real thing. Last but not least, you can always go the stylish route and grab some Booties for your pup’s this winter. If you want them to walk in style, while staying warm and salt free, booties are the way to go! That’s if your dog will actually tolerate you putting them on.

We hope that these tips and precautions help keep you and your pets safe and comfortable on your walks this winter!!!



*Montco Happening is recognizing the best pet services in Montgomery County with The Happening List 2016! The List is a peoples choice contest created  just for the residents of Montco. We want to award, recognize and give thanks to all of the locals who make this county so special. Nominations and voting are open to everyone until midnight on Frebruary 28th. That’s still plenty of time to vote or nominate someone you know for Best Dog Walker, Sitter, Pet Shop, Vet and more! They all make such a big difference in the lives of the animals we love. We want you to help Montco Happening recognize them for all they do for our favorite four legged friends.


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