At the end of the day, it’s not the house, car or job that counts.  As Virgil the classical Roman poet put it, “The greatest wealth is health.”  To achieve overall great health, one needs to work to improve both their mental and physical state.  Exercising, eating right and taking time out of your busy day to do an activity you enjoy are proven ways to improve your well-being and live a longer life.

Synergiskix of North Wales provides a complete package of self improvement classes & services by encompassing music, fitness, nutrition, and massage.  This unique business is operated by owner Sam Whetstone, a long time resident of the area.  A graduate of Westminster College of the Arts, Sam has played the piano for 26 years and has been teaching it for the past 15.  I personally have seen Sam perform in a competition, and yes, she’s that good.  In addition to her musical talents, Sam is nationally certified in Personal Fitness Training and Yoga Instruction and has been training for the past 5 years.  To complete the package of services Synergiskix offers to its clients, Sam recently brought on board a Certified Nutritionist and Certified Massage Therapist.

When we asked Sam why she decided to create Synergiskix, she responded, “Music has always been a significant part of my life, so keeping it going was a no-brainer.  Being able to teach music to kids and adults of all ages will always be the foundation of my company.  As for personal fitness and yoga, I have always been into sports and athletics growing up.  Although Music took over my academic career, athletics also took a huge investment of my time and efforts.  Being able to combine these two spectrums and start my own company with the subdivisions creating an overall arts/fitness angle, is the perfect career for me.  I’m able to execute all of my loves in life into one business: Self improvement.”

We all know that there are quite a few options out there when it comes to finding a personal trainer or taking music lessons, so we asked Sam why people seeking self improvement services should choose Synergiskix over the others. She answered, “My prices are unbeatable.  I am available by cell phone & e-mail to all of my clientele literally 24/7 if they have any questions or concerns.  And above all, I LOVE what I do, which makes each and every relationship I have within my client base, impactful and beneficial to the fullest.”

As I mentioned earlier, I have personally seen Sam perform in the past and know that her work ethic and devotion is second to none.  If you are interested in learning a new art or simply just improving your overall quality of life, we highly recommend Synergiskix!  For further information, please contact Sam at 215-512-5526 or via email at [email protected]

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