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Wow, I’m full! I just got done enjoying some of the best brownies and crumb bars that I’ve ever had. The best part about these delicious treats? They were made from a local baker. Angela Giovine of Bucks Happening introduced me to Kathy Wolper a few weeks back. Kathy is the owner of Kathy’s Just Desserts, a home-based bakery that’s been operating in Blue Bell, PA for 10 years now. Kathy also owns Kitchen Wizards, which helps kids of all ages to discover the magic of cooking. Kathy offers numerous Cooking Camps every summer where kids and adults learn how to cook amazing dishes. After Facebook messaging for a few weeks, Kathy and I decided to get together to share business stories and get to know one another better. We met over at Starbucks in East Norriton. It was there where Kathy exposed me to those amazing treats.

[Thank you Kathy!]

I have to say, as a fellow entrepreneur, Kathy’s story really inspired me. She started Kathy’s Just Desserts over a decade ago and since then she has opened another successful business, Kitchen Wizards. She has so many new opportunities coming up for both businesses. It was all due to her hard work, not to mention she offers a top-notch product and service! As an entrepreneur myself, it’s really great to hear stories like Kathy’s. After talking with her for a while and then tasting the desserts that she makes it’s easy to see why Kathy’s Just Desserts and Kitchen Wizards have been so successful.For those of you who are interested in knowing a little more about Kathy’s Just Desserts and Kitchen Wizards, I tried to deliver a brief overview of each business below. TIP: if you have a sweet tooth or an upcoming event where you need amazing desserts made OR if you or your kids are interested in taking one of many cooking classes offered by Kitchen Wizards, you should keep reading.  😉

Kathy’s Just Desserts of Blue Bell, PA

Blue Bell Bakery

DELICIOUS! You have to try some...

Kathy’s Just Desserts was founded to help bring joy to people’s lives. Kathy wanted to share her passion for baking with her community. She started Kathy’s Just Desserts in 2001 and since then has grown it into a successful business that offers cookies, bars, cakes, brownies, cookie trays, shower favors, and boxed candies. People from all over the country order from Kathy and even though she’s a home-based business, which means that she doesn’t have a bakery storefront, the majority of her customers come from right here in Montgomery County, PA. Almost everyone who tries Kathy’s Just Desserts becomes a repeat customer. Her baked goods are just that good. In fact, she has other local businesses approaching her to use some of her desserts in their store and also asking her to bake some of their products for them. Pretty amazing!

Kitchen Wizards of Blue Bell, PA

Kitchen Wizards was Kathy’s next big adventure. Kathy decided to take her love for cooking and her past training as a teacher to start a cooking business for kids and adults. Kitchen Wizards offers a number of Cooking Camps during the summer. She also does private parties like birthdays and wedding or baby showers. Here are some of the summer camps that Kitchen Wizards is offering this year:

  • Eat Like the Pros Camp – Want to be a major leaguer when you grow up?  Well, get an early start by EATING like the Phillies do! (Boys & Girls: Ages 8-13)
  • Cooking Around the Clock – Each day, we’ll make foods for a different meal of the day – Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, and Dinner. (Boys & Girls:  Ages 7-12)
  • Christmas in July – Does your child LOVE Christmas time? We do, too! So, we’re celebrating Christmas in July with a great cooking camp. (Boys & Girls: Ages 8-12)
  • Dinner with Dad – Parent/Child Program – Friday, June 17 – 6-8:30 PM (Adults and their children)

If cooking is something you love to do or something that you’ve always wanted to learn, definitely check out all of the different cooking camps that Kitchen Wizards offers.

Thanks again to Kathy for taking the time to meet with me and for sharing some of her delicious brownies with me. If you’re hosting a party or just need something to cure your sweet tooth craving, I highly recommend ordering your favorite dessert from Kathy. They are that good!


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