With temperatures already soaring into the 90’s and suffocating humidity, summer weather is officially here.  While most seek out the nearest air-conditioner or fan, others use more adventurous approaches to catch a breeze.  We’ve checked around and found some great ways to cool down in Montgomery County this summer.  Below are just a few ideas for staying cool while having fun.  For the comfort of our readers, we encourage all to share their recommendations of ways to beat the heat in MontCo!


1. Boating At Green Lane Park – Located in the northern most part of the county, picturesque Green Lane Park features 870 acres of water.  Rental shops on the lake provide visitors with the choice to rent canoes, kayaks, paddleboats, rowboats and sailboats.  Aside from the lakes, hiking trails and cooking grills around the 3,400 park offer enough to keep park-goers busy all day.2. Ride the Wind With a Hang Glider – What better way to see the county’s landscape than by taking a hang gliding tour.  With a cool breeze on your face, one can relax and take in the scenery from a bird’s eye view.  A number of local companies offer instruction to those looking for a day of recreation or for individuals interested in becoming certified.

3. Bike the Perkiomen Trail – Biking may be one of the most convenient and enjoyable ways to get fresh air while exercising.  However, navigating through traffic on your local streets can turn a bike ride into more of a hassle than it’s worth.  Fortunately, the Perkiomen Trail in Montgomery County offers 20 miles of unobstructed riding.

Courtesy of County of Montgomery, PA

4. Kayak the Schuylkill – Originating from cool springs located in the Appalachian Mountains, the Schuylkill River is quite an inviting attraction during the hot summer months.  Many chose to explore the river by kayak, an exciting way to cool off and see parts of the county not possible by car or foot.  A number of companies in the area offer kayak rentals as well as canoes.

5. Skydive Over MontCo – Falling from heights over 10,000 feet at speeds well in excess of 100 miles per hour, skydiving over Montgomery County will provide the ultimate rush and cool down.  Skydiving companies operate out of local airports such as the Perkiomen Valley Airport in Collegeville and can make your dreams of free falling a reality.  To describe skydiving as an exhilarating experience is an understatement.


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