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Have you or someone in your family been injured and are in need of physical rehabilitation? If so, Montgomery County has numerous physical therapy facilities for you to go to. With that said, when it comes to rehabbing an injury you want to ensure that you are working with the best physical therapist. The other big thing that you want to look into when choosing a physical therapy provider is their facility. Have you ever walked into a doctors office and it’s filled with medical devices that seem like they are hundreds of years old? It doesn’t make you feel very comfortable knowing that your doctor is using these outdated instruments, does it? You want to find a physical therapy provider with an updated facility so that you can feel comfortable that your therapist is working with all of the latest and greatest technologies. So, with all of that being said, one of the best physical rehabilitation centers in all of Montgomery County is Good Shepherd in Souderton, PA.

Good Shepherd Physical Therapy-Souderton is run by Kathleen Fortier, PT, DPT. Kathleen has successfully treated a wide variety of orthopedic injuries, as she specializes in orthopedic manual therapy. Kathleen is so good at what she does that on more than one occasion she has accurately diagnosed a patient’s injury before her patient has gotten a MRI on the problem area. Kathleen has made recommendations on what she feels the issue is and when the patient comes back to Good Shepherd after getting his/her diagnosis, it turns out that Kathleen was 100% correct. Kathleen loves what she does and she makes sure that it comes through when working with patients. Kathleen says, “my vision is that every patient who walks through the door is examined thoroughly and effectively and receives evidence-based treatment tailored to his or her individual needs. My goal is that my patients regain their functional independence and exceed their own expectations and goals during the recovery process.”

Patients and local Montgomery County, PA residents come to Good Shepherd for either physical therapy OR to take part in their fitness programs. Good Shepherd’s physical therapy staff develops a plan of care that is specifically designed for each patient, based upon the patient’s needs and lifestyle. Each plan of care inlcudes recovery goals that are achievable and measurable. Outpatient physical therapy services include balance disorders, joint replacement, neck, back and shoulder pain/surgery, sports injuries, work injuries, orthopedic injuries, neurological disorders, arthritis, sprains and strains, and pain management. Good Shepherd also offers their fitness program for individuals who want to continue an exercise program after discharge from formal therapy services. The cost of the fitness program is $25 per month. The price includes a personal fitness assessment, equipment orientation, and a personalized fitness program designed to fit each member’s fitness goals.

Whether you’re suffering from an injury and are in need of physical therapy or you simply want to continue your exercise program once you’ve completed physical therapy, Good Shepherd has a program that will work for you. We highly recommend Kathleen Fortier and Good Shepherd Physical Therapy-Souderton. To us, it’s the top physical rehabilitation center in Montgomery County, PA. Good Shepherd Physical Therapy-Souderton is located at Hilltown Plaza, 4036 Bethlehem Pike, in Telford, Pennsylvania. To make an appointment you can email Kathleen or call Good Shepherd Physical Therapy-Souderton at (215) 721-1871 and speak with site admin, Shannon Keith. When making your appointment be sure to mention that you heard about Good Shepherd from Montco Happening.  😉


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