Local photographer and proud Montgomery County resident Linda Morrow has been focusing on preserving precious moments of our residents and families for more than 20 years. Montco Happening is excited to introduce you to professional photographer, mother, wife, business owner and Happening List Winner, Linda Morrow!


Linda’s photography specializes in Bar & Bat Mitzvahs in the Philadelphia, Montgomery County & Main LMPLogo-2Line areas. After launching her own boutique business in 2008, the talented artist has spread her talents to hundreds of local families by doing what she does best, and loves most! Linda Morrow Photography has covered all mediums throughout the years, however, her business has now evolved to focus on families celebrating the coming of age milestone that is, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs. With a natural ability to work with people, Linda is able to add her fun personality and modern, creative style to every event. From the family and service portraits, to that spontaneous hug with Mom, to the celebration everyone will be talking about for a year, Linda has become a master at capturing the special moments on such a very important day.


What to Expect from Linda Morrow Photography


If there’s a brick or stone wall, a distressed barn, a funky metal garage door, that’s where you’ll find Linda and her camera.

She loves textures, depth and interesting perspectives.

Her shoots may take you to an elevator where she’ll tell you to pretend she’s not there, then photograph your reflection in a mirror.


She’s a little quirky and more than a little sarcastic.

She say’s ‘awesome’ way too much during photo sessions.


SHE WILL make you do the fake laugh and you WILL love it!

If there’s a Bat Mitzvah girl in a long dress, there will be twirling!

You will walk away from the photo shoot saying “That was a good time!”

When it comes to shooting images of Linda’s bar & bat mitzvah kids, she often finds that the young honorees want to look 16 even though they are 13. The girls want to feel like they are on a model shoot and the boys just want to look cool…..very cool. The moms want to capture that wonderful family feeling. They want to remember their kids exactly as they are right now, preserving that special moment in their families history forever. Linda always makes sure the families remember not only the event, but the fun they had while getting their photos taken.
LMPmontcohap2With a refined eye and creative heart, Linda’s skills help bring a fresh, modern perspective to what is a very traditional rite of passage. After working with so many different personalities, families and characters over the years, Linda is able to custom tailor her shoots according to the personal style of each family. For example, some families will change into casual clothes for outdoor portrait sessions because that style is a reflection of who they are. Some will wear tuxedos and evening gowns, while others sport something right in the middle. No matter what their individual tastes, Linda’s photos are able to paint an accurate and heartwarming depiction of each celebration.
“I feel that the creativity and art of photography doesn’t end when I snap the picture. It’s carried throughout the entire photography process. From taking the photo, to editing and cropping the photo, to choosing the album images all the way up to creating the album design. I’m involved in every single aspect of an event. I think that my album design stands apart in that I incorporate elements of the event into the design. The colors, the details and the vibe of the event are reflected on each page”.

Linda’s small business has allowed her to be a creative entrepreneur, doing exactly what she had always dreamed of doing. It has also given her the flexibility to be there for her daughters’ first steps. In a few years, as her girls get older and go to school, Linda looks forward to expanding her business and taking it to a whole new level! But for now, she is making the most of the time she has with her daughters and growing small business. After watching how fast and how quickly they have grown, Linda has learned to savor all the small moments in life. It’s exactly that kind of passion and outlook on life that she is promised to provide your special celebrations. There’s no time like the present!

Linda Morrow PhotographyLMPmontcohap5
King of Prussia, PA 19406
(610) 337-3137
Follow On Facebook: Linda Morrow Photography
Website: www.lindamorrow.net



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