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Located in Upper Merion Township, King of Prussia, PA has proved itself to be a shining example of development, commerce and community in Montgomery County. Despite the corporations, headquarters and large scale business operations located within its borders, King of Prussia still manages to exude a small town, close knit feel throughout its community of over 20,000 residents. When it comes to shopping, only the Mall of America in Minnesota boasts a larger shopping area, but that’s including their enormous indoor water park. Without it, King of Prussia Mall is the largest shopping destination in the United States with nearly 3 million square feet of retail space!

Our favorite shopping destination in Montgomery County came to be known as King of Prussia after a 1719 cottage owned by Welsh Quakers was converted into an Inn & Tavern in 1769. That Inn was known as, The King of Prussia Inn, named after King Frederick II of Prussia. The inn experienced steady business and growth due to its close proximity to Philadelphia. In fact, the King of Prussia area was just a day’s travel by horse. The historical building served many purposes throughout its celebrated past, one which included a visit from General George Washington on Thanksgiving Day in 1777. The inn also received a lot of business and acclaim from early colonial settlers as it provided a valuable rest stop for travelers making the long trip west. Now, more than three centuries later, the legacy of that inn has been firmly cemented into KOP’s make up and character. The inn is now listed on the National Register of Historical Places in Montgomery County. Although many claim King of Prussia to be considered an “edge city” of Philadelphia, it’s roots, history, progression and future are very much its own!

The sheer amount of development that has taken place in King of Prussia over the years is astonishing. Construction of the 2nd largest shopping mall in the United States, thousands of homes, elegant hotels, massive retail centers, popular restaurants, convention center and newly formed roadways have helped KOP flourish. However, the area and community is made up of so much more than the biggest shopping mall most of us have ever seen. Away from the concrete, traffic and frantic shoppers, visitors will find that King of Prussia is a beautifully preserved and peaceful community to live in.  The history of the lands itself are enough to make it feel like you’re somewhere special, somewhere with important significance. Some of the farmsteads and properties here date all the way back to the early 1800’s, and if you’ve ever wandered off the beaten path in King of Prussia, you’ll most likely find yourself cruising through quiet countrysides where space and history are abundant.

King of Prussia serves the transport needs of its community by providing a number of ways to get around town. From transit lines, including buses, the Norristown High Speed Line, operated by SEPTA, ConnectKOP, provided by King of Prussia Business Improvement District, and the Rambler, operated by the Greater Valley Forge Transportation Management Association. All have become convenient methods of traveling while dodging the angst of mall traffic.

The Plaza at King of Prussia was first opened to the public in 1960, and experienced continuous growth over the years. The Court at King of Prussia, comprised of 900,000 square feet connected by an open-air walkway to The Plaza, opened in 1981. The Plaza was renovated and expanded between 1991 and 1996, adding nearly 1,000,000 square feet! The Court was renovated during 1996. Now in 2015, the King of Prussia Mall is undergoing yet another expansion, this one to connect the buildings under one roof for the first time ever. This current expansion is scheduled for completion in the Fall of 2016.

In addition, a collection of major property owners in King of Prussia formed a group in 2010 called the King of Prussia Business Improvement District (KOP-BID), they work to improve the physical landscape, market the area, and rally for zoning, tax and transportation policies that will keep King of Prussia competitive in the Philadelphia region.

There’s a long list of notable celebrities, athletes, corporations and important figures who come from, or still reside in King of Prussia. For instance, the United States oldest music publisher, Theodore Presser Company is located in King of Prussia. American Baptist Churches USA has its administrative headquarters in King of Prussia, in a building locally nicknamed “The Holy Doughnut” due to its shape. Lilly Pulitzer also has its corporate headquarters in King of Prussia. Many members of The Bloodhound Gang originate from King of Prussia along with mixed martial artist Charlie Brenneman, pro tennis player Kathy Jordan, professional wrestler Kit Osbourne, and famous ESPN Anchor & Reporter Lisa Salters. All of these prominent figures call King of Prussia home.

We’re turning the spotlight on King of Prussia for an up close look at some of the hardworking businesses, organizations, and people that make this community so special. The are has been rejuvenated with new products from brand new businesses, and staple stores. This is KOP Happening!

Explore the beauty of King of Prussia and Upper Merion Township; go behind the scenes at some of the businesses that make this town tick; and learn about the latest developments going into improving the community!


KOP Happening, Spotlight on King of Prussia, PA

Linda Morrow PhotographyLMP ad
After launching her own boutique business in 2008, Linda Morrow has preserved and honored thousands of precious moments for our local families. The talented mother, wife and small business owner specializes in photographing the amazing moments of Bar & Bat Mitzvahs!

Meet Andreana Chryssos, a local resident who has turned her love and passion for healthy living into a business that is now providing our residents with a smart solution to health and wellness, in the most convenient of ways!

Dub-Fitnessdub 1
The beginnings of DUB Fitness can be traced all the way back to owner Erica Walsh’s days in the United States Army. It was there that she discovered her passion for helping others meet their own personal health and fitness goals. The now 29 year old resident has brought her personal brand of strength and conditioning programs to KOP!

Main Line Parkour
A new and exciting facility has opened up in King of Prussia, one geared towards improving the mental and physical health of our young residents. Montco Happening is honored to introduce our readers to Main Line Parkour!

King of Prussia Business Improvement DistrictScreen Shot 2015-12-04 at 9.23.34 PM
If you live in King of Prussia or have recently made a visit, you might have noticed the immense amount of change that has taken place within the community. All of these positive changes are thanks to the dedicated members at the KOP Business Improvement District, or KOP-BID!

Take a virtual stroll through King of Prussia, PA:

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