The voting polls for the 2nd annual Happening List contest will officially be coming to a close this Friday, February 28th at midnight. That leaves just a couple of more days to grab some last minute votes!

Thank you to all our readers, fans and followers. We are astounded at the level of participation, excitement and enthusiasm that you all had for this years contest. In less than 45 days you’ve managed to send us tens of thousands of votes, easily breaking every single record we had from last year! That means more voices in our community are being heard. That deserving residents are being recognized, that hard work really does pay off and that your support is being shown! That’s exactly why we run this contest and we are so honored to do so. Below you will find a schedule of release dates for all the categories on the 2014′ Happening List!

Key Contest Dates

February 20th: Voting has now gone blind during the last week of the contest; the public will no longer have access to view competition standings.

February 28th, midnight: Voting ends. Votes will then undergo a rigorous audit process.

Winner Release Schedule is as follows:

March 17th: Health & Wellness, Services

beauty-wellness-page services


March 24th: Home, Food & Drink, Pets

for-the-home food-drink pets

March 31st: People, Retail, Kids

people retail





April 7th: Everything Montco, Places, Weddings

everything-montco places



The Red Carpet Bash is COMING!

Of course after the Happening List contest….comes the Red Carpet Bash! We’re saving all the good details for next week, but be sure to mark your calendars because your party and the most talked about event of the year is happening on Thursday, May 1st from 7pm-midnight. More details coming soon!!!
Red Carpet Bash 2013′
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Red Carpet Photo Recap

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