Montgomery County PA Business PartnershipAre you looking for ways to grow your business? Small and mid-sized businesses all over Montgomery County, PA have shared with us that they are looking for ways to offer their customers more value, while keeping costs low, so that they can grow sales. In this economy it’s important to get creative so that you can stand out from your competitors. Have you ever considered partnering with complimentary businesses in the Montgomery County area to help you run an effective marketing promotion? Partnering with complimentary businesses allows you to offer more to your customers and prospects, gain more awareness in the marketplace, and builds relationships between your business and your partners’, which may lead to different opportunities in the future. Depending on the type of partnership and the campaign that you decide to run, most of the time partnering with local businesses comes with very little increased costs. Local partnerships are a great way to bring increased value to your customers.

Small Business Partnership Examples

By partnering with other Montgomery County, PA businesses you can grow your own sales, while helping another local business grow their sales, AND offer more value to customers. Sounds pretty great, right? So what business should you partner with? It’s all about creativity. Before you even start thinking about possible partners for your marketing campaign, it’s important to think about your own business and your goals for the marketing campaign. Perhaps you’re looking to build awareness for a new product or service. You must then determine the best ways to increase awareness for the product or service. It might be through product demonstrations, a contest or event, social media, etc. Once you have an understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish and how you can go about doing so, you can then start thinking about available partners. Here are just some of the many partnerships that Montgomery County, PA businesses can forge with one another:

  • Library partners with YMCA – Libraries offer a lot of educational resources. The YMCA is all about Youth Development. The library can offer the YMCA the opportunity to bring their youth members to the library to host an educational event or to allow the youth to see all that the library has to offer. This gets people in the doors at the library while providing the YMCA with a great Youth Development opportunity.
  • General Contractor partners with Landscaper – Sharing a target audience, this partnership is very easy to understand. General Contractors can recommend the Landscaper and vice versa. They can run specials together. Homeowners and commercial real estate owners can save money on services without the hassle of contacting multiple Contractors & Landscapers to get the best prices from each. The partners receive shared advertising, upsell opportunities, and access to new customers.
  • Bakery partners with Restaurant– If you’re a local bakery with a new dessert to feature, perhaps you partner with a local restaurant to give away your dessert to a few select restaurant patrons each day for a week. You can provide your dessert in exchange for the restaurant executing some form of a contest with their patrons to see who wins the dessert. The restaurant owner is receiving free dessert to give to his/her customers, while also having an opportunity to engage them while they are in the restaurant. The Bakery receives awareness for the new dessert. If both partners feel there is an equal value exchange, then the costs only come in the form of ingredients and time spent preparing the desserts and executing the marketing campaign.

There are so many different partnerships that can be forged by local businesses. It doesn’t have to be two partners either. It can be 3, 4, etc. Again, it’s all about creativity and understanding what you’re trying to accomplish. If you can create additional value for customers by partnering with another local Montgomery County, PA business, and do so without incurring astronomical costs, then why not try it?

Have you had any success with running a marketing partnership with another local business? We’d love to hear your story. Please leave a comment below.

If you’d like help running a partnership campaign, please feel free to send us an email. Montco Happening can help you create your partnership strategy, find a partner, and promote and execute the campaign. 

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