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Are you on board with the new athletic field that’s coming to the Norristown Area High School? On Monday June 27, 2011 the Norristown Area School Board approved the construction of a new athletic field at the High School. The 8-1 vote signaled that the majority of Board Members were on-board with the construction of the new athletic facility. The lone detractor was Michael Howell and apparently he was not alone when considering public sentiment from the local Norristown community.

In order to pay for the construction of the new $2.13 million athletic field, eight-lane track, fencing and drainage work the Board decided to borrow the money from a district technology fund and community donations. Those Norristown and West Norriton residents who objected to the construction of the new athletic field are concerned about the community getting into more debt and not being able to repay the loan to the district technology fund. Many residents are already seeing their local and school taxes increase and they do not want to pay for a new athletic field.

Is this another case of a school board/local government spending future tax payer dollars for unnecessary community projects OR is the school board being honest when they say that all funds will be paid back without burdening the tax payer any further? Is the construction of the Norristown Area High School athletic field a positive thing for the local Norristown community that is needed to improve the local area? Perhaps the funds could have been better spent? What are your thoughts on the recent approval to build the athletic fields? Do you live in or around Norristown? How does the construction of the new athletic fields affect you and your family? Please let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


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