“Be Present”
Written by Randi Rentz

The past, the future and the present are all things that percolate in my mind. We can’t stop ourselves from thinking about them. In fact, this month, I have spoken quite a bit about my cancer experience.  And today, I’m a little fixated on a report that is due shortly for work. What I’m realizing – as I type this – is that in thinking about both the past and the future, I am missing the present. However, with practice and intent, I believe that we all can focus on the present more than we already do.randi 2

The truth of the matter is that we can’t control the future. DUH. Stating the obvious, I know. The only way that we can improve the prospects for the future is by focusing on what we do now, in the present.

The other thing is that if we spend our time thinking about the past or the future, we are missing life itself.  Life zooms right past us while we are thinking about the past or the future. What I know for sure is that I get the most out of life when I focus on being present, while things are actually happening!

I believe that the magical method for learning to be present is practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. I do my best not to beat myself up when my mind wanders (which it does quite a lot!). However, I try to gently (gently being the operative word here!) reel myself back in. It’s a work in progress, always.

Wishing you all a beautiful, well-lived day, with high hopes that you will focus on being present and finding Shining Moments.

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This article was written by local teacher, montco happening guest writer and two time Happening List Winner, Randi Rentz. Read more about Randi’s journey, message and Shining Moments at, “Why Buy A Wig When You Can Buy Diamonds”

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